It’s official. Noon’s Yellow Friday sale is back to make the holiday season as jolly as it should be. Mark your calendar for the 7-day-long sale from November 20th to November 28, 2023. Trust us, you don’t want to miss it!

We will let you know everything you need to know about this event and give you some extra tips to maximize your savings during this sale. With, you can aim to save up to 80% or daresay, even 90%. Getting everything from fashion to household items with deeply discounted offers, Noon certainly wants to drown you in yellow and we are all here for it.

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What is Noon’s Yellow Friday sale?

Noon Bazaar 2021 Deals

Noon’s Yellow Friday Sale was launched in 2018, with a goal of 25 million in sales. Carefully curated and kicked off by the largest homegrown Middle Eastern digital marketplace, it has instantly become the highly anticipated sale in the region. This special and exclusive sale has a lot to offer, giving a week-long sale to splurge on all the deals and discounts.

Daily Surprise Deals – Noon offers you a chance to find best buy products worth AED 5000 for just AED 100. Keep your eyes peeled off the offers, you might just be the lucky person for the day.

Bonus for the bank: Visa cardholders! The deal is for you. You can get extra benefits if you choose to pay through your card. Pay up and get 20% off with a maximum discount of AED 100. This offer is applicable on order value of AED 100 and above and runs from 21 to 27th November. We can’t forget about the MASHREQ Bank cardholders. You can also get an extra 10% unlimited cashback and AED 1000 welcome bonus.

Exclusive deals – If your Wishlist has too many items, this may be called to empty them. Just saying. Noon’s Yellow Friday sale brings exclusive discounts to branded items. You can also score in the electronics, fashion, and home improvement items.

Freebies and Gift packages – Noon has given you free gift packages worth over AED 1000 in the past. It is most likely to gift more this season. You can expect to see some half-price tickets to the best attractions in the UAE. The kinds of Kidzania and Dubai Aquarium. Fingers crossed! On that note, if you’re looking for great ticket prices for the best attractions, visit TicketsToDo. Thank us later!

Buy now and pay later- You like something and heaven forbid, it is out of your budget.. you don’t have to give it up. Now, you can pay in installments for any interest. The only rule, the purchases should be above AED 500.

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Noon coupons to add to your savings!

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Who doesn’t like to save a little bit more? We are here to help you with that extra cha-ching to land back in your wallet! Here are a few of the Noon coupons you can add to your arsenal.

  • “VCUAE1”: Up to 80% Off Electronics, Fashion & Much More + 10% Cashback On All Orders
  • “NAN390”: Get Up to 80% Off Hoodies, Sneakers & Tops + Extra 10% Cashback Sitewide
  • “NFD1”: Up to 52% Off Sitewide Noon Foood

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The codes and discounts are waiting for you to discover them. Check out codes for major brands including Amazon,6th street, Namshi, and many more with us. We have set our mind to be your shopping best friend and help you out however we can.

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Getting ready for the Noon’s Yellow Friday Sale

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Anyone can have a shopping spree on a sale, but only a select few know how to maximize their saving. Hello, smart shoppers, we are here to help you out to get the most out of Noon’s Yellow Friday sale.

  1. Don’t spend too much: Yes, the golden rule. Be mindful of your budget. Remember that if you’re getting a bag at AED400 instead of AED899, you are saving AED499, but at the same time, you are spending AED400 from your pocket. Keeping the track of either the items you need or a strict budget can help you a lot.
  2. Remember to check out our Instagram: Planning contests for special days like this is our specialty! Follow us and participate in daily challenges to get awesome rewards and gift vouchers from us.
  3. The list is a must: If you have chosen the items you need, make a wish list. Much better, get them in your shopping cart. Checkout and save. It’s that simple.
  4. Combine all the offers: Bring out that codebook and sit down to shop. Combine the promo codes on your already discounted purchase and become the smart shopper we know you are.

We are already excited about the November sale. From single’s day sale to Black Friday, this month has so much to offer. We can’t wait to see your shopping cart colored yellow with Noon’s Yellow Friday sale. Sit tight and keep saving.

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