You’ve heard of the grand Black Friday sale, haven’t you? Now let’s scoot over and let White Friday take the stage. Making its debut in 2014, the White Friday sale has successfully rooted its impact across the Middle East and North Africa. If you didn’t already know about the event, don’t worry, we got your back. This year, the sale is scheduled to start on November 21 and will end on November 28. Look forward through the day to a shopping spree with up to 70% savings across 30+ categories.

We will let you know everything you need for this event and a few tips to maximize your savings. The discounts and deals given by will help you add a little bit more to your savings wallet. We bring you promo codes, discounts, and exclusive deals just for you. So, what are you waiting for? We just added new coupons for you this week.

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What is the White Friday sale?

White Friday Sale

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First, we’ll answer the question— what is the White Friday sale? To put it simply, White Friday is the day in the Middle East, what Black Friday is in the United States. In other words, it is the perfect yin and yang, quite literally. It kicks off on the last Friday of November every year. You better be marking your calendars. White Friday sale brings discounts, sales, and deals for all age groups on everything you need.

This event was created by none other than the CEO and co-founder of the shopping site, Ronaldo Mouchawar. Seeing shoppers go kind of crazy for the Black Friday sales and discounts, he introduced a similar approach to his very own largest e-commerce site in the Arab world.

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Why is it called White Friday?

Unlike the United States, the White Friday sale is not associated with any of the festivities such as Thanksgiving. Also, Friday has always been considered a sacred day of worship in Islam. So, instead of making it Black which is often associated with a tragic event, Souq went forth and claimed that their Friday is going to be White! Signifying the purity and prayers for the day.

White Friday: Sale and Avalanche are different?

Ironically, White Friday in reality is also a name given to the deadliest single avalanche in the Guinness Book of World Records. The avalanche took place on 13 December 1916, near the Gran Poz summit of Monte Marmolada, Italy. It is to note that the “White Friday” mentioned here, was actually a Wednesday.

What caused it? A warm and humid air mass pushed north into the mountains which resulted in an intense burst of snowfall.

Is it related to the sale? Nope. However, the White Friday sale is of course an avalanche of deals and discounts.

Coupons you need to add on to your savings this month

White Friday saving money

There is not much time left to prep for the sale, the time is NOW. You are going to find numerous deals and discounts, don’t let it get to your head. A smart shopper is what you need to be this year. Use coupon codes to get a few extra bucks off your order and spend it on something else. To help you out, we already found some major coupons you can use.


As is owned by Amazon, White Friday is not missed here! In UAE, the White Friday sale is referred to as November Sale by Amazon. There are great offers and discounts that you can avail yourself with us:

  1. Mobiles & Electronics: Up to 50% off on all brands
  2. White Friday Sale Live: Save up to 70%
  3. Essentials & Beauty: Up to 70% off
  4. Up to 70% off Fashion essentials
  5. Amazon fresh starting from AED 1
  6. Top deals on Global best sellers

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With all these offers and deals waiting for you, it would be just wrong, not to be excited for the White Friday Sale.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 just got over, but Amazon is not settling down. With a sale on everything, Prime members are the happiest.  After the huge success of a 48-hour long event exclusively for Prime members, Amazon plans ahead for the next biggest sales in November!

How to make the most out of the White Friday sale?

White Friday Sale Middle East

The biggest sale is upon you, but how do you manage not to overspend or even manage to save? We will give you insider tips and tricks to maximize your shopping experiences.

Get a Budget:

 A budget is definitely what you need! Repeat after us, “Don’t go over budget.” Everyone has this problem. Moreover, the adrenaline rush from the deals and offers is too much to take in. Let’s not play right into the hands of the retailers, okay? Calm down and check your wish list first.

Follow the retailer on social media:

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, don’t leave anything! If you really like the online retailer from the Middle East or anywhere in the world, you can get updates about every single offer they are planning through social media as well. Also on that note, you can follow us on all socials, because we love to play games and give out prizes. Just saying, you know, if you are interested in winning gift vouchers and gift cards for your favorite brand.

Read the return policies

We know the cases, where sometimes, products you receive may not match up to the best as shown on-site. Blame it on the excitement making you think that you actually need it, or the supplier just sent you a malfunctioning piece. The pain of finding out that the defective product is unreturnable easily outweighs the laziness you feel about return policies. Read it and then buy it!

Leave the cart alone

Finally, get your items and leave them in the cart. Don’t check out right away, give it a day. We assure you will find a notification with more discounts or offer for that item. It is not conventional but can’t deny that it is smart.

Beware of Fake White Friday Discounts

White Friday Sale

As excited as all the shoppers must be regarding all the massive White Friday and Black Friday sales going on across the web, let us warn you of the scams that might exist. We are here to walk you through the ins and outs of the major sale— their pros and cons.

The White Friday sale is already going on in full swing and Black Friday 2020 is almost here. However, UAE shoppers have been warned by a US-based cybersecurity firm to take extra precautions this week. Scammers will try to take the most advantage of the White Friday Sale and fake discounts and phishing attacks are expected to soar online. So, sit back, relax, and let’s shop! Have an amazing shopping month. We sincerely hope your wish list and cart be empty and your mail full of the orders!