Who doesn’t like to celebrate love? Especially if you adore the person(s) being honored. That is why anniversaries are so special. They can, however, feel like high-stakes celebrations. Anniversary gifts reaffirm their love for each other and express their appreciation for each other’s love, care, and time. Make their heart soar with the best gift for a wedding anniversary, whether they’re made of paper, cotton, or ruby. Shop and get inspired by our thoughtful picks. 

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What can you gift couples?

When shopping for couples, your task becomes a little more difficult. You obviously want something that both of them will enjoy. Personalized items that celebrate their love are also heartwarming: a collection of their photos taken together over the years, a custom frame commemorating their wedding day, and a piece of personalized artwork related to their journeys together.

Unique and best gift for wedding anniversary

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1. A gemstone tree

best gift for wedding anniversary

Price: AED 84.99

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Most people are aware that each anniversary is associated with a traditional and modern gift, but did you know that each anniversary is also associated with a gemstone? Healing with Kachvi crystals’ delicate wire gemstone tree is an excellent way to commemorate growing stronger together.

2. Elviz Presley anniversary clock

Anniversary Clock Elviz Presley

Price: AED 338.90

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Clocks are the modern anniversary gift, but because every anniversary is a celebration of time spent together, this elegant display makes a meaningful gift any year. This clock features a rotating pendulum, a porcelain base & dial, a glass dome, and a precision quartz movement. 

3. A willow tree anniversary figurine

Willlow Tree Anniversary Figurine

Price: AED 180.46

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Willow Tree sculptures express the emotions such as love, closeness, healing, courage, and hope for a well-lived life. It is a 6″ hand-painted resin figure; ready to display on a shelf, table, or mantel. Dust with a soft brush or use a cloth to clean. Each Willow Tree piece is hand-carved and hand-painted by artist Susan Lordi in her studio in Kansas City.

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4. A vintage wooden musical box

best gift for wedding anniversary

Price: AED 33.96

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A gift worth cherishing that is as vivid as life engraving art. This music box is made of wood. The exquisite surface carved by hand in the style of ancient times transports you to another world. 

5. Figurine from tiny ribbons

best gift for anniversary

Price: AED 81.99

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This is among the best gift for a wedding anniversary. A beautiful tribute to a love that stands the test of time. Handcrafted from hand-painted resin, this cute and lovely styling decor can be placed anywhere, including on a table, shelf, or desk. 

What are some original or creative anniversary ideas?

If you’re one of those lucky, artistic people, something handmade would be a truly heartfelt gift. You could use the material associated with a specific anniversary or work in whatever medium suits you best. If you’re not a crafty person but still want to give something personal, consider making a scrapbook or using one of the many online services to create and print a photo album with Photobook Emirates.

You could make a short film out of snippets from past events and/or clips of loved ones expressing their best wishes. Consider classes couples can take together to explore a shared interest or develop a new one. Book a trip to a park, a panic room, or something similarly unusual with TicketsToDo.

What anniversary gift can you gift your partner?

Monogrammed or engraved watches, cufflinks, jewelry boxes, leather bags, and other personalized items are ideal for her, and him. Even better if you can find items made from traditional or modern gift materials! Gifts like ties or cuff-style bracelets with hidden messages can be very romantic if you’re shopping for your partner. 

Pink emotions bouquet

Pink Emotions Bouquet from 800 FLower

Price: AED 280

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Last but not least, a pink emotions bouquet from 800Flowers. Flowers are ideal for any occasion. Despite the fact that they are a traditional gift for the fourth anniversary, these are guaranteed to make people happy. By involving them in the arrangement process, this DIY bouquet kit connects couples with the beautiful sights and smells of spring. 

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