Staying home all day was initially fun and games until it got to you and your family members. While the world is still unsafe, and staying home is the safest option, you can make your living space a lively one. presents living room design ideas for your perfect staycation at home.

So get ready for a makeover. Your custom designs and color choices are the most appropriate for your house and you would know best. With these instructions and ideas, you’re sure to make this lockdown with your family memorable and totally worth it.

Things to remember while implementing living room designs:

These are the few things to keep in mind while setting up a great living room. Follow these carefully and get a space that fulfills all members of the family.

  • Choose the biggest room in the house. Make sure the room is open and well ventilated. Good lighting and ventilation are necessary because they bring freshness to the room as well as your moods.
  • Make sure your furniture is organized to minimize the use of space. This will give you more space for moving around freely.
  • If you have kids at home, make sure you have enough space in the room for them to play.
  • For the living room design, choose a particular color combination like shades of nude and white. You want to make sure that your living room looks planned and well organized.
  • Use curtains that hit the floor and invest on big rugs and good artwork.
  • Go for aesthetic wallpapers that match the color combinations of your walls and furniture.
  • Comfort is very important so use soft and comfortable pillows and cushions.
  • Choose a good looking coffee table and bring into action your living room design from your limitless imagination.

Must have: Essentials of a great living room

  1. Sofa set/ couch/ recliner chairs
  2. Cushions ( preferably of varying sizes)
  3. Long curtains
  4. Coffee table
  5. Television set
  6. Rugs and mats
  7. Decorative items

Where to get them?

Wondering where you can get all the essentials. brings you the best products, the essentials to get your living room design the perfect touch you want all from Home Box.

The following products have been chosen carefully because they go well with each other and will be most suitable for a room with white or cream backgrounds.

Sofa sets and recliners

A good sofa is the most important and essential part of your living room. Get this sofa to compliment your living room and give a comfortable experience as well.

Living room design essentials: Stella Left Facing Corner Sofa

Stella Left Facing Corner Sofa

AED: 2,212

Buy it here.

Cushions and cushion covers

To add on to the comfort as well as the look, pick some great fluffy sofa covers.

Lavish filled cushions 45×45 cms - home design Essentials

Lavish filled cushions 45×45 cms 

AED: 19

Buy it here.

Delta Printed Cushion Cover - 45x45 cms - best home design essentials

Delta Printed Cushion Cover – 45×45 cms

AED: 29

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Long Curtains

While you need all the sunshine during the day, you need your privacy at night. For your living room, you can always mix an opaque and a see-through curtain for the best look and style.

Curtains long - essentials for living room design

Amelia Blackout Curtain Pair – 140×240 cms

AED: 149

Get it here

Sheer long curtains - home living room design essentials

Aiden 2-Piece Burnout Sheer Curtain Set – 140×240 cms

AED: 129

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Coffee tables

Drinking a cup of tea, coffee, or juice and sitting uncomfortably with the risk of getting it spilled? Get a coffee table for your perfect living room design to become a comfortable reality.

We’ve got the best ones for you.

Lawrence Coffee Table - essentials for living room design

Lawrence Coffee Table

AED: 535

Get it here

Sweden coffee table - living room design essentials

Sweden Coffee Table

AED 375

Get it here

Rugs and mats

Rugs and mats make your living room more cozy and comfortable. Go for darker colors to prevent it from getting dirty too soon. Furthermore, if most of your furniture is light then to add on to some contrast, you want to go for darker shades.

Faux sheep skin rug - living room design essentials

Faux sheepskin rug

AED: 279

Buy it here.

Faux print Leather patch rug - living room design essentials

Faux print Leather patch rug.

AED: 129

Get it here.

Decorative items

To add in some more creativity and innovation to your living room design, you need some great decorations. From aesthetic wall hangings, paintings, plants, and table decorations, we have picked them all for you.

Jules Round Mirror Wall Clock- Wall decoration in Home living room

Jules Round Mirror Wall Clock

AED: 99

Get it here

Jules Round Mirror Wall Clock- Wall decoration in Home living room - best living room design decoration

Nicole cube set of 3

AED: 40

Get it here

Fiona candle holder with cut out detail - living room decorating

Fiona candle holder with cut out detail

AED: 36 

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Ficus plant in concrete pot - living room design decoration

Ficus plant in a concrete pot

AED: 229

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How to decorate your living room?

Decorating is one of the most common hobbies. Who does not want their houses to look cool? Here are some steps to get your cool living room design fulfilled.

    • The above products can be mixed and matched. The wall should be painted off white or cream.
    • If you have your own designs, look for good color combinations.
    • Set up the furniture according to the symmetry of your room. Place your wall decorations, rugs, tables, and cushions.
    • You can have a television set for some entertainment. Check this budget-friendly yet great TV’s in UAE.
  • For a more appealing look, you can set up wall shelves and put some books and small plants.

Decorating and transforming can be a great time for entertainment when you’re stuck at home doing nothing. Whether you want to update your bed essentials, set up a home office, or pamper yourself with some salon-like hair treatment. With so much time in hand, you can do it all.

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