Put a tick for yourselves on a spooktacular party with the right Halloween party essentials checklist. Hosting a Halloween meetup is a lot of work, first of all, kudos to you for choosing to be the host. Now that you have already chosen the work, we will help you to make it a little less hectic and a lot easier.

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Halloween Party Essentials checklist of the crucial fun accessories

halloween party essentials for celebration

Planning the greatest Halloween party is going to be hard and expensive, we simply cannot leave you alone to face the problem. We found out the right essentials to set the mood and a few tips to make your party memorable.  Choosing all our picks from the place where you can get it all, AliExpress! You can get up to 70% off with $4 off your order with the code “ali001”.

First Halloween party essential – set the theme with the invitation

halloween party essentials - invitation

The best part about invitations: you can DIY or get a personalized print. The one we chose is a more child-friendly option, if you want a gorier theme, you can check out other card options. Our pick is 3D Halloween cards, which can be used as both a greeting and invitation. A pop-up card to give you the feeling of “Halloween is here!”.

Drink it in Gore

halloween party checklist - Drink it in Gore

You can try easy Halloween recipe off YouTube, we would encourage you to try new things. Saying that we also found food props suitable for the ultimate Halloween party essentials. For the refreshment, why don’t you serve some cooled blood ordered fresh in a blood bag? By blood, we mean fresh juice, please don’t raid a blood bank.

Price: AED 1.92-3.90

Candies anyone?

halloween party essentials - Candies

Are you making your own candy? We hope you are! You can mold it in the perfect shape of bats, ghosts, and pumpkins to serve it as desserts with the pudding mold. Extra points if the pumpkin chocolate is orange. Tip: Use white chocolate, melt it by placing it in a bowl above boiling water. Get food coloring and just pout it into the mold.

Price: AED 2.75-15.68.

Skeleton snack bar?

halloween party essentials - Skeleton snack bar

Your snack bar needs this. If you are not eating out of a skeleton is it even Halloween? We certainly cannot let you miss this creative take of a skeleton snack bar. Love it or not, it will add to the vibe of your party.

Price: AED 14.77 – 70.01.

Decoration must be on point!

Halloween party essentials - decorations

Any house party needs awesome decoration, it’s a must! We are not letting you compromise and get everything you need. Human skulls can be hard to come by, but a plastic one isn’t. Decorate your main dining table with the skull and build the decorations around it. Price: AED 4.11 – 8.23.

Cobwebs, cobwebs everywhere!

Cobwebs as a halloween party essentials

What’s a party without some cobwebs? Decorate the entrance of your house with cobwebs to surprise your guests. Who said the tricking can’t be done earlier than treating? Turn your house into a haunted one and remove it in an instant. The decoration will come off as easily as you put it in. Minimizing your headache to clean up is another goal of ours.

Price: AED 3.64.

Have a theme (Maybe)
angel wings as a halloween party essentials

Halloween is for everyone and they can be whatever the heart desires. You wouldn’t want the crash the enthusiasm with a specific theme. witches and superheroes can be friends too! With that said, we also advise you to set the mood right with the theme you desire. Greet them with the devil or angel’s wings to get the mood right. (Go with the devil wings.)

Price: AED 12.45 – 40.44.

Cleanup is not your headache, JustMop it!

justmop halloween party checklist

After putting in so much effort and hosting the best ever party, you will be tired. Cleaning up shouldn’t be another thing to do on your Halloween party checklist. Rather get your house professionally cleaned with JustLife. They are an on-demand cleaning service with trusted cleaners for your house or office. If you are hearing about it for the first time, learn more about the JustLife house cleaning service. Hire your first cleaning from JustLife and get 40% off on your first booking with the discount code.

Get the costumes and your Halloween makeup looks done, blast out the music, and have the time of your life with your friends and family. To know more about us, head towards our blog for beauty, fashion, lifestyle-related content.