Ever since the dawn of the “woke” era, the famous lingerie brand, Victoria’s Secret has been shrouded with bad news. Despite its dire effort to make an epic comeback in the world of diversity and body positivity, the sale continues to slump and lay off dozens of employees.

Best Victoria’s Secret Fragrances for women

The legendary glamorous Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has met with ample of backlash in recent times, one thing is surely surviving. While there may or may not be hope for Victoria’s Secret in the near future, some fans aren’t just ready to let go of their one inclusive product – perfumes!

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Top 10 Victoria’s Secret perfumes

1. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

best Victoria Secret perfume
The best-selling perfume from the brand has been a raving favorite of women around the world, thanks to the harmonious blend of fruity and flowery aroma. The prominent notes are that of Purple Passion Fruit, Shangri-La Peony, and Vanilla Orchid. It is instantly lovable, and the signature packaging adds to the overall aesthetics, making the pink striped bottle a flagship product of the brand. VS describes it as the “ICON,” Bombshell demands attention and will make it worth it.

Price: AED 350 (3.4 fl.oz.)

2. Victoria’s Secret Tease

best Victoria Secret perfumes

A delight for autumn, Tease is a love marriage between juicy notes and musk. The flirtatious fragrance features Black Vanilla, Frozen Pear, and Gardenia. However, the heart notes include spring floral scents of magnolia, pear, and jasmine followed by a tone down center of amber and sandalwood. This warm scent is packed like an ultimate seductress and maintains a day’s longevity.

Price: AED 285

3. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Seduction

best Victoria's Secret perfume

Bombshell Seduction is the sensual sister to best-selling and the best Victoria’s Secret perfumes, Bombshell fragrance. An intoxicating veil of florals that lingers on your skin. A floral Oriental fragrance with notes of Nude Tuberose, Sage, and Velvet Musk.

Price : AED 350 (100ml).

4. Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy 

Victoria Secret perfume best seller

Very Sexy will make you feel sexy as it lingers on your skin. Be sexy, be powerful. With the new look and the same iconic fragrance, it’s provocative from the start. A warm fragrance with juicy ripe, sun-drenched clementine, and midnight blackberry. Notes of the creamy woods and sweet vanilla orchids will tingle your nostrils.

Price: AED 350 (100ml).

5. Victoria’s Secret Eau So Sexy

best Victoria Secret scent

When you love the way you are. When you’re looking good, and you know it- that’s how Eau So Sexy feels like. This Gourmand Fruity Fragrance is sweet and sexy, just like you. Neon sweet of juicy fruits, crisp apple bites, and vanilla whipped cream notes mixing together and making you feel your best.

Price: AED 285 (50ml).

6. Victoria’s Secret Just A Kiss

best smelling Victoria Secret perfume

What does a kiss smell like? Here, it’s a mix of glossy lips and soft peonies. This fresh fruity fragrance has a chill note of Pink peppercorn coming in like a breath of fresh air.

Price: AED 285(100ml)

7. Victoria’s Secret Love

best Victorias Secret perfumes
The fruity and tangy combination has made Love a long-standing perfume for the brand. The playful notes of Juniper and Apricot Blush have a slightly unisex appeal, but the bottle is feminine and artsy. The powder-pink bottle and a clear enamel cap will make you hold on to it even after your perfume is over. And if you get used to Love, there is nothing that can help you.

Price: AED 350

8. Victoria’s Secret Dream Angel

top 10 Victoria Secret perfume

Dream Angel for her, who believes in herself, her potential, and wants to fly high. This Oriental Woody Gourmand fragrance becomes one of the best Victoria’s secret perfumes with the Rainbow Glow. Pure Jasmine and Amber Crystals give the floral notes and sparkle. Notes of golden berries mixed with creamy woods and Vanilla absolute give a radiant glow to the fragrance. Ideal for daytime in the summer, Dream Angels Divine has been around since 2000. The earthier notes of this perfume make it stand out from the rest of the candy-smelling varieties.

Price: AED 350

9. Victoria’s Secret Tease Rebel

the best Victoria's Secret perfume

“An urban bouquet tied in white leather”, that’s exactly how Tease Rebel feels like. It is an expected, edgy, and rebellious floral, making it one of the best Victoria’s Secret perfumes. The fragrance type can be described as a Rebellious floral, where the notes of wild rose clash with two types of violets. The Signature white leather is slightly musky.

Price: AED 350.

10. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Intense

the best smelling Victoria Secret perfume

The iconic Bombshell Fragrance collection introduces a new provocative addition, Bombshell Intense. The perfect red shows power, strength, glamor, and passion. This Chypre Fruity Floral embodies the color red. Laced with notes of Lush Cherry, Red Peony, and Sultry Vanilla, Bombshell Intense, one of the best Victoria’s Secret perfumes.

Price: AED 350 (for 100ml).

We hope you find the Angel in yourself with these best Victoria’s Secret perfumes. You can find the overall best perfume for men as well, but before all that, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Your skin deserves to be radiant, keep the essentials ready while traveling and in the process give your pets a little love too.

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