Accessories necessary for future mums

Congratulatory greetings have reached their zenith and now it’s time to get serious because soon enough, you will have an added little person in the house who will determine your daily tasks and routine.

The baby brewing inside of you already commands attention to your health and well-being. presents to you the 10 checklist items you did not know you needed during the course of your pregnancy.

Body Pillow

body pillow Sprii

Pregnancy Pillow available on Sprii

Experts have stated that expecting moms should sleep leaning on their side with a body pillow squeezed between their legs. This position, not only eases the discomfort but allows swift blood circulation and oxygen for the baby. Among the varieties of a body pillow, there is a pregnancy pillow or body bumper that is specifically designed to suit a pregnant woman with a growing belly. Available on Sprii, the Leachco Body Bumper is a contoured body pillow for expecting moms, but can be used even after the baby’s birth since it is detachable and flexible to use.

Belly Butter

As the belly starts to expand, warnings on stretch marks start to pour. Since stretch marks are created when the skin is stretched, suddenly it becomes an essential practice to rub your belly with moisturizer and gels. There are many products available on the market but you need to ensure that the one you use is safe for you and your baby. Experts and many expecting moms opt to use Burt’s Bees products and Belly Butter because it is 99% natural with intense moisturizing capacity.

Hot Water Bag

Remember the time the hot water bag helped soothe your period cramps? The tiny bag will come even handier during pregnancy. From sore feet to aching back, a hot water bag will help calm the nerves and stimulate a gentle massage on the required points. Get yourself a hot water bag from the second trimester onwards.

Maternity Bras and Extenders

You don’t immediately need to revamp your bra when you’re pregnant. In the first few weeks, a bra extender works fine. However, as your tummy grows, so will your cup size. By the third trimester, you may need to get an entirely new set of maternity bras. After giving birth, these same sets of bras will come in handy as you start to produce milk. So get yourself a good quality and comfortable set of bras.

Tennis Ball

tennis ball

Believe it or not, but you need a tennis ball when you’re an expecting mother. No, it’s not to go play tennis, but instead, help you massage your aching lower back. Get your family member to roll the tennis ball on your lower back soothe the strain of carrying a growing baby inside you.

Other useful mom-to-be gadgets

Maternity Compression Shorts

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Think about it as shapewear during pregnancy but with added benefits. Right compression shorts will provide added support to areas of strain, mainly the lower back and pelvic muscle, besides holding your tummy uptight. We found these shorts that we think will work for you in all your pregnancy stages as the seamless fabric grows alongside your tummy.

Organic Massage Oil

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It is imperative to opt for organic massage oil and not just anything that is available in the market, because pregnancy is a crucial phase for your body. Read the ingredients carefully before purchasing the item.

Shoe Insoles

Since pregnancy weight is a sudden growth, your legs don’t get sufficient time to adjust your body weight. As the center of gravity changes, many women experience degrees of foot problems. Note that your feet require extra support during pregnancy so a pair of shoe insoles help put less strain on your arch. We recommend using these insoles during your pregnancy as their versatility allows you to remold and customize your insoles.

Soft Toothbrush


We don’t blame you. Everything aches during pregnancy. Gums are extremely sensitive during this period because of pregnancy-induced gingivitis. Your gums may swell and bleeding may occur, but changing your toothbrush to soft bristles will go a long way.

Maternity dresses

The necessity of maternity clothes is very subjective. Some prefer buying maternity clothes for comfort and fashion, and some make do with extra-large clothes such as jumpers and t-shirts. Depending on the size of your wallet, you can make your personal choice. Since pregnancy isn’t a frequent occurrence, it can be a waste of your money to stock up a pile of those. However, time and again, you may need good maternity wear for social events.

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