The best male fragrances for winter

Your favorite jacket is on the way out of your closet, but what about the fragrance and essence of it? How would you like to smell? The scorching heat of summer is well past us and the pleasant days of autumn are falling upon us. Are you ready for the final months of 2019 because “winter is coming,” and it’s not enough to be just average.

As the temperatures drop and the floral and citrus notes of the summer get silent, the sweet scents of tonka, amber, and vanilla will breathe a new life to your fall and winter. While there are so many perfumes out there, not everything works for all seasons. wants to ensure that readers stay ahead of the crowd so here are seven handpicked winter designer fragrances that exude nothing ordinary.

We have also ensured that these designer fragrances will not burn a hole in your pocket. The listed perfumes are not as overpriced as some of the high-end niche labels but they smell just as good, if not better. You can get all of these fragrances with an extra 10% discount from and exclusively with Noon Coupon Code, the homegrown e-commerce sector of the UAE.

# I John Varvatos: Vintage EDT

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John Varvatos: Vintage EDT (

Vintage EDT by John Varvatos is a woody cipher fragrance that was launched in 2006. There are a lot of high notes in this fragrance including wormwood, basil, rhubarb, quince, fennel, and pepper. In the middle, it comes to juniper, lavender, cinnamon, jasmine, and a green leaves accord as well. The base is comprised of tobacco, tonka beans, suede, patchouli, vetiver, balsam fir, and woody notes.

A lot of very different notes combine flawlessly to create a very fascinating fragrance. The notes that do stand out are tonka bean, cinnamon, swayed leather and the unique vibe of rhubarb. This fragrance smells old fashioned but not outdated. It smells modern, subtle and very masculine. The Vintage EDT is warm and has a depth to it. It is also aromatic due to the presence of lavender notes.

The vetiver notes also add an air of freshness making it more deep and rich. It gets better and better as it dries down, you get more of that leather and tobacco feel in it. However, it still retains the sweetness of the tonka beans which keeps its modern vibe alive.

It is more of a night time scent especially for upscale occasions but this can also be used casually as well. There is an elegance to this fragrance as it is not very loud, or obnoxious or aggressively projective. It will stay close and within your vicinity, a very much of a cuddly scent. You will feel collected, comfortable and like a true gentleman while wearing this fragrance.

You can wear it on all occasions, it shines in the fall due to the little bit of warmth but when it gets too cold you cannot smell it too well unless you are indoors. Works fine for winter and spring. But it doesn’t have a scent profile of summer due to the sweet notes of the perfume.

# II Hugo Boss: Boss Bottled Oud


Hugo Boss: Boss Bottled OUD (

The Boss Bottled Oud comes with strong DNA from the Boss Bottle. Boss Bottled Oud is created from rare and rich ingredients that create a complex and masculine essence. The top notes in this perfume are citrus and apple. The mid comprises saffron, clove, labdanum, and cinnamon. Whereas the base has oud, cyproil oil and sandalwood.

The fragrance opens up with an apple note combined with cinnamon and a slight whiff of some medicinal oud. The Oud is not overpowering, and it is more of a cinnamon scent. About a few minutes, the Oud starts to move in and the cinnamon and apple drop to the background. The smell of Oud is very sweet and spicy. Then there is a distinct aroma of saffron that works in perfect harmony with the Oud. In far dry-down, the nice warm essence of sandalwood comes to the fore to supplement the lightened up Oud.

The notes blend in perfect harmony with the spices giving you a glorious fragrance from top to bottom. This is kind of a perfect introduction to the more complex Oud-based perfumes. It is easy to wear and has that Hugo Boss Bottle DNA that people have loved for decades.

This bottle is very versatile as you can pull it off during day or night and both for office or casual use. You can class this fragrance up as it would really go well with a suit. The Oud gives a medium projection and makes a nice cloud around you and leaves a great scent trail as you pass by. It is a fragrance that strikes a really really nice balance. The scent has a fall-winter and spring profile and can be overwhelming during the summer.

# III Giorgio Armani: Armani Code Absolu Parfum


Giorgio Armani: Armani Code Absolu Parfum (

Launched in 2109 with Ryan Reynolds as the cover star, the Armani Code Absolu Parfum is for men who effortlessly master the art of seduction with allure and a sense of humor. The top notes comprise the Mandarin green apple. Its heart is composed of orange blossom, nutmeg, and carrot seeds. Finally, the base has a rum accord, suede, tonka beans, vanilla and woody notes.

The sweet and spicy aroma of Tonka and the woody nature of the nutmeg combine with the notes of apple. It gives the fragrance a sweet but creamy and spicy opening, while the carrot seeds lend the tiniest touch of earthiness.

As it settles down the tonka, carrot seeds, vanilla, suede, and woody notes blend together to give off a chocolaty tonka vibe. The rum accord also mixes with the vanilla and gives it a warm, smooth, vanillic backbone. When it further dries down, the woody notes start to shine through. The tonka is dominant throughout and is the essence of the Absolu.

Overall, the woody base with the suede, the chocolaty tonka vibe, carrot seeds, the nutmeg, rum-vanilla mixture has Absolu smelling consistently good through the dry-down. The fragrance is more of a fall, winter perfume best applied in the night. It is a super solid release and the best Armani fragrances released in the past few years even beating the ultra-popular Armani Profumo.

# IV Paco Rabanne: One Million Lucky EDT


Paco Rabanne: One Million Lucky EDT (

One Million Lucky Eau de Toilette is a pulsating and captivating scent of woody and gourmand tones. This is a very interesting fragrance that smells fresh as well as gourmand. More gourmand than fresh to be honest due to its top notes that comprise of ozonic notes, plum, and grapefruit. The mid starts with hazelnuts, cedar, honey, jasmine, cashmere wood. The base is Patchouli, Oakmoss, and Vetiver.

It opens up with a combination of plum, honey, and hazelnut. The most prominent being the hazelnut giving it a nutty, woody, sweet scent. As it dies down the plum and the honey combine giving it a peachy smell. More like a peach undertone to the plum and honey. There are also ozonic notes in the opening that give a fresh and airy background to those heavier gourmand notes to the top.

In the mid, you get the cashmere wood which mixes with the jasmine, and the honey is still there making it sweet. It’s a warm sweet fragrance, the sweetness coming from the honey, and the warmth coming from the woodiness and nuttiness. Cashmere wood and jasmine mix with the gourmand notes to deliver a warm and sweet dry-down.

It is an interesting combo of fresh and gourmand notes. Initially a little cloying and sweet. The plum and honey notes blend in to give a peachy aroma underneath the hazelnut. The sweetness stays throughout the life of the scent. It sits well on the skin but does not project very aggressively. This is a great perfume that smells delightful and is very unique. It is the kind of perfume that will grow into you the more you use it.

# V Prada: Luna Rossa Black EDP


Prada: Luna Rossa Black (

Introduced in 2017, the irresistible fragrance of Luna Rossa Black Eau De Parfum engages you with joyful notes and alluring masculinity. This is a part of the excellent Luna Rossa line from Prada. The top note for Rossa Black is bergamot. Its heart consists of angelica and patchouli, whereas the base is amber, musk, and coumarin. Luna Rossa Black opens up with a freshness added by a little bit of bergamot up the top.

You can really tell as soon as you spray it on, that this is gonna be a really sweet fragrance. You do get a tiny herbal feel with the angelica early on which mixes with the bergamot. The main themes of the fragrances then reveal itself in the form of amber and tonga. The amber and tonka beans complement each other to give a simple, smooth, warm and sweet fragrance that will stay throughout.

The dry down is also a milder variation of the really pleasant, sweet and warm tonka and amber. There is also a fragrance of warm musk that tucks itself under the sweetness. Although its a part of the ingredient, there are no signs of patchouli. The combination of tonka and amber gives the essence of a semi powdery vanilla. It is warm but not very loud, sweet and a little dense, smooth, very rich and absolutely has no sharpness at all.

The Luna Rossa Black comes across very dark, sexy and goes perfectly with a suit or a leather jacket, and jeans. It smells awesome but is not very versatile as it’s very sweet and there is not a lot of notes to counterbalance the sweetness. Basically, Prada has pulled off the simplicity, the smooth warm creamy sweetness of fragrance immaculately. And has turned It into a dark and dense fragrance that is perfect for the winter.

# VI Paco Rabanne: Pure XS EDT


Paco Rabanne: Pure XS EDT (

Launched in 2017, Paco Rabanne Pure XS is a young classic of modern times. It is an easy-to-wear, beautiful and uncomplicated scent. The top notes of this perfume consist of ginger, thyme and green notes. Followed by vanilla, liquor, cinnamon, and leather in the middle. Finally, there is the sugar, myrrh, and cedar that make up the base notes of the fragrance.

The perfume opens, up with a pure ginger note along with a good amount of sweetness right off the top. It’s very aromatic and you get the vibe of this sweet balsamic myrrh. The main notes are vanilla, myrrh, cinnamon, ginger, incense and leather. As a whole, all the ingredients blend in together to give you a kind of a semi powdery sweetness.

Liquor is an official note but this doesn’t come off as a boozy fragrance at all. It’s more of powdery and has a little bit of incense note blended in the background and is not very overpowering. In the dry down, you got a nice dry vanilla note. It has the dressiness of semi-sweet myrrh that combines with a touch of spice from cinnamon, and also a touch of wood.

This is a comforting fragrance that is very warm and pleasant the whole way through. But, at the same time, it is also sexy and sensual. It projects a soft scent cloud around you, that lasts for 6 hours. It’s a sensual kind of fragrance that is perfect for date nights.

This is a very sophisticated fragrance that is gonna appeal to a lot of people but it has a versatility factor towards it too. It can be used in a lot of different situations and a lot of age groups too. The note breakdown of this perfume gives it a winter profile but because it does not project so aggressively it can be used in breezy summer nights as well.

# VII Yves Saint Laurent: La Nuit De L Homme


Yves Saint Laurent: La Nuit De L Homme (

La Nuit De L Homme features a distinctively aromatic blend composed of both wood and citrus notes. The top notes begin with cardamom and then the bergamot, cedar and lavender makeup up the heart of this fragrance. The base then consists of vetiver and caraway. The fragrance opens up with a big blast of cardamom and lavender, more cardamom as it is the main theme of this fragrance. The scent is rich, warm, spicy, and a little bit sweet as well.

The sweetness you pick from the fragrance comes from the bergamot notes. It’s not juicy bright bergamot though, but it adds more of a touch of sweetness and a touch of freshness that rides subtly underneath the lavender and cardamom. As a whole, it comes across really sexy and sensual.

The dry down smells great as you hit into the mid, the cedar and caraway start coming to the fore. They add nuances to the lavender and the cardamom. There is also a few woody notes from the cedar and a little bit of spice from the caraway which rounds the fragrance off perfectly.

In the farther dry down, the remaining lavender and cardamon just slowly fade away and leaves this warm, sexy spicy alluring trail that gets closer and closer to the skin until it finally fades away.

What winter fragrances should men choose?

Keep in mind that this fragrance has been reformulated three different times. The first one came in about 2011, the second in 2014 and the last one in 2016. The first two reformulations are very similar to the description given above, but the 2016 fragrance is a bit different.

In the 2016 reformulation, cardamom is not so noticeable and the bergamot is more towards the fore. The cedar is also not very prominent in the mid. This takes away the depth and richness of the first two reformulations. if you get a choice you should go for the original formulation which has a distinctly unique character.