Gearing up for the Yellow Friday sale bound to take place in November, Noon surprised us all by introducing Big Yellow Sale with free shipping on no minimum order. This is not the first time Noon has silently implemented free shipping with offers.

Big Yellow Sale is in fact a flash sale that is refreshed every day at 8 PM.  The Big Yellow Sale will last up till September 30 and the categories include ‘Top Deals’ and ‘Now or Never Deals,’ which is as exciting as scary. No one wants to miss a good sale deal, and while Noon ensures you get the best every day, you need to make sure you don’t miss the deal on the product you are vying for. Blog brings to you tips and tricks on how to maximize during the sale season and never miss a good deal.

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Do’s and don’ts of flash sale

Safety and guarantee first

Don’t be lured by cheap prices from websites you have not heard about or shopped from before. You can trust e-commerce giants such as Noon, Amazon, Namshi etc, but do your research before hopping on your cart and giving away your payment details to xxyyzzbb.

Now that this is secured, let’s move on to the tips and tricks on making the most out of flash sales.

Adding it to the cart

Of course, it wouldn’t make sense to wait for your ‘favorite-d’ product to pop up on the flash sale list. But chances are, it will. And with Noon’s daily flash sale, the chances are endless. So, if you are a Noon addict, or an Amazon addict, or a frequent online shopper, always put your products on your cart even if you are not intending to buy them immediately. As and when you check your cart, you will easily know if the product is on a flash sale or not. If the product is not an urgent need then there is no harm in waiting for the price to go down till the last day of the flash sale.

Offers within offers

Look out for offers within offers because there will always be one. For example, while Noon is lighting up with flash sales up to 80% off, there are deals of buying one get one free within the sale zone. Yup, eyewear and watches are bought one and get one free. Other e-commerce online sales may have similar offers, but you may need to search for them.

Get on the mailing list

If you don’t want to miss a single good deal on your favorite stores, then just sign up for the newsletter and mailing list. That way, you will always be in the loop with the best offers and you will never miss a good deal.

Download the app

No brainer. If you are an online shopping fanatic, you already have all the right apps downloaded. Don’t rely on the desktop when trying to get the best deals in an instant.

Added discounts with coupon codes

Voucher codes are always your best friend when shopping online. Get added discounts on the sale offers by using the coupon codes available. Yes, always has something for you.

Stick to your budget

During flash sales, it is really easy to get swayed and tempted to buy more. But always stick to your budget and don’t spend more than required. When setting up your budget, keep in mind you will get tempted so plan accordingly, and then, stick to it.

Make a list

Another way of sticking to your budget is to make a list before browsing. Know your wardrobe in and out, the essentials you need to restock and the new things you’ve been waiting to buy. Make a list so that you will stay focused and not miss out on the products you want to nab during the flash sale.

Best things to buy during the flash sale


Bags are necessary and timeless. Purchasing a bag during the sale is actually a good investment. Bags have a longer fashion lifeline than clothes and shoes, so it is wise to get one when you’re getting it at a good deal.


Another timeless product, perfumes are excellent to buy during flash sales because you will always need a stock or a restock of your favorite ones. Noon is currently offering up to 58% off on designer perfumes including Carolina Herrera and Giorgio Armani.


Smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs are always sought-after during sales. Read the reviews wisely before buying the product on sale and always compare prices. You can use Alprice to get the comparisons sorted.

The best time to buy during the sale is instantly, but always beware of the return policies during flash sales. Buy products that you are absolutely sure about. Online shopping addicts win this game because at least the daily browsing did not go to waste.