In the billion-dollar Influencer Marketing industry, the struggle is real. Influencers have difficulty in finding brands worth promoting and brands struggle with synchronized partnerships with Influencers. As Influencers grow, as brands expand, there has to be a harmonious balance, right? The solution is to be at the right place at the right time for the right business.

DCMnetwork has mastered the art of affiliate marketing across MENA for the last five years. Now, as they venture into a new decade, DCMnetwork has vision up its sleeves to be ahead of the times. Keeping in mind the rise and rise of Social Media and the extremely competitive job of the Influencers, Confluencer becomes the go-to platform for Influencers, especially in the GCC, to be recognized and approached.

Influencer campaign in UAE

The term ‘Confluencer’ is a portmanteau word of ‘confluence’ and ‘influencer.’ As confluence is a convergence of two points, Confluencer indicates a platform where Influencers meet their brands.

How does Confluencer work?

As an Influencer, all you have to do is sign up for the program. Fill in the form and your contact details. Once you hit the submit button, your form will be reviewed and hundreds of brands will have access to your profile. We will reach out to you on behalf of the brands and seek partnership on mutual agreement.

What’s in it for you?

Influencer Marketing DCM

Besides getting access to thousands of local and international brands, you will be getting:

  1. Free products worth over $100 to review
  2. Brand association
  3. Coupon codes from, CouponCodesME and more
  4. A personalized code of your name to sell the product you truly believe in
  5. An exclusive blog interview for our sites
  6. Google ranking of your brand name

Why opt for Confluencer?

  1. First of all, it is free of cost and you aren’t losing anything on filling the form.
  2. Filling the form is, in fact, the shortest way to network with hundreds of brands at one go.
  3. You can accept, reject and negotiate with the brands that come to you with their products.
  4. You will be sent a lot of new and free products to review by the brands.
  5. You can contact us at any time for any queries.
  6. Most importantly, you are valued.

What kind of Influencers do brands look for?

You may think that having thousands of followers are the only way to be an Influencer. Not really. As brands realize that less is more, they believe that anyone who has a reach and content strategy can qualify to become an Influencer. It’s not about the numbers anymore since buying followers is a piece of cake now. Fake followers will boast numbers but will have a very low engagement rate. Whereas Micro-Influencers will have fewer followers but their audience will be closely knit, hence having more impact.

In the future of Influencer Marketing, Micro-Influencers will be predominant, and Social Media will be very much alive. That is why you have to sign up to Confluencer, because at the end of the day Influencer Marketing is all about associating with the right people and right brands.