Can you name a beverage that is all-purpose and can be served in any season? That can be blended with almost any exotic flavors? Something that brings refreshment and good health with it? No? Don’t worry because we are here to spill the tea, quite literally.

Tea was invented in 2737 BC, in central and northern China. Can you believe that? We are getting this awesomeness since 4000+ years. Now, you have to share it with your loved ones. You can host a tea party better than the Mad Hatter with these tea party essentials.

Benefits of preparing drinking tea party with special supplies

tea party essentials -Tea

Here, you must be thinking, “Why do I need to know the benefits?” We are giving you bragging rights. When your guest is impressed by the tea party essentials, you can throw in some benefits too.

On a serious note, the benefits of tea go beyond refreshment. The health benefits of tea are supported by actual research.

  1. Tea contains antioxidant: Our body goes through oxidation and creates free radicals. It raises the risk for heart attack, stroke, cancer, and other problems. Antioxidant works to prevent and protect the body from free radicals. Tip: White tea has the most antioxidants.
  2. Tea makes you smile: The soothing effect coupled with no teeth loss. Yes, you heard right. Japanese researchers stated that tea can decrease tooth loss.  The pH in your mouth is changed and prevents cavities. Moreover, tea is different from other beverages as it doesn’t erode the enamel of your teeth.
  3. Boosting the immune system: Tulsi (Holy basil) tea has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is proven that tea can boose your immune cells, and leverage your immunity as a whole.
  4. Less to no caffeine: Traditional tea has 50% or less caffeine than coffee. Whereas the herbal blends contain zero caffeine. You can get a kick of energy with the caffeine or the side-effects.

Tea party essentials for the perfect afternoon get together

the best tea party essentials cute table

Sipping your tea, on an armchair, looking into the sunset does sound cool, but enjoying it with your loved ones over a table, and their company is incomplete. We will help you on how to host your own modern tea party, along with the finest tea party essentials.

Your own party means you are in control of the budget and sometimes, things may get out of your hand or your pocket. At, we aim to provide the best deals, exclusive offers, and discounts. Today is not any different.

Let’s set the scene

tea party essentials - Decor

After the time is fixed and the invites are out, the first time tea party essentials is Decor. The proper decor sets the mood for the party. You can add visit a florist and add some flowers to the table.

Tea party essentials flowers


Price: AED 3.57

Tea party essentials vase


Price: AED 7.13

Besides flowers, you can also add confetti balloons to add a youthful and fun touch.

Tea party essentials confetti balloon


Price: AED 6.58

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Linens.. pretty and practical

amazing tea party supplies - linens


Price: AED 24.60

Keep it simple and pretty. Before setting up the table, make sure what do you want to put on the table. The tablecloth, placemats, napkins, think it through. This tea party essential sets the overall mood as the function is set around the table.


Don’t tell me you forgot about the tea in the tea party? We know it gets confusing, let us help you through according to the benefits.

Antioxidant properties

White tea - tea party supplies


Uncle Lee’s Tea- Organic White Tea

Price: AED 33.38

Caffeine-free tea

tea party ideas - Caffeine-free tea


Organic India Tulsi Caffeine Free Tea, Sweet Rose

Price: AED 32

Fruit tea

Tea party essentials fruit tea


Alokozay Strawberry Tea Bags

Price: AED 7. 35

Tea bags tea party ideas


Ahmad Tea Twelve Teas collection of 12 black, fruit & green teas.

Price: AED 15.25

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How to serve the tea?


Tea party essentials - teapots


Perhaps, the most important tea party supplies (except the tea) is the teapot. Do we have to show you the point of using a teapot? Of course not! So, having a pretty teapot can give you aesthetic points.

Price: AED 400


You wouldn’t want to burn the linen or scorch the table with the hot kettle, so remember to get a trivet. You can buy the one below or make your trivet too!

Tea party essentials trivet

Price: AED 30.48

Mugs and cups

You can offer tea to your guest4 in simple ceramic mugs, to make the tea the centre of the attention.

Tea party essentials - mugs and cups


Price: AED 42.72

Simple is best, but if you want to enjoy your cup of tea in a fancy little teacup, then why not?

Tea party essentials teacups


Price: AED 60.12

Tea steeper

Tea party essentials tea steeper


It would be a smart move on your side if you get a modern tea steeper. Tea steeper is one of the tea party essentials, most people tend to neglect.

What if, your guest prefers, herbal or green tea and you have a batch of black tea ready for them? You can either boil and make a batch of tea again or just add a tea steeper in their cup.

Price: AED 3.20


Tea party essentials in Aliexpress


People are very precise about their tea. Some like it black, some want the exact amount of sugar, some like milk. Avoid running back and forth, and meet all their need with beautiful canisters.

Price: AED 96.28

Food and snacks

Food and shacks tea party essentials

A tea party with not complete without some scrumptious snacks! You can make it on your own, but if you don’t have the time, you can always order.

Utilize the home delivery services of UberEats coupons and Deliveroo coupons to get tasty and healthy snacks to accompany your tea party supplies.

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We hope you have a fantastic time with your loved ones as you share your jokes and stories over a cuppa tea. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay fit with a fitness starter pack of new yaer.

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