Do you find yourself day-dreaming about home decor as you stroll down the aisles of IKEA? Achieving the ideal interior decor can be a difficult task on a tight budget. But that doesn’t have to stop you from turning your furniture dreams into reality. Is there is a beautiful sofa that you’re eyeing but second-guessing because of your budget? These tips and tricks on how to save money on furniture could be your guide!

Best Ways to Save Money on Furniture

vintage furniture

While there may be no such thing as free furniture, you can still save money on furniture by opting for alternatives such as DIY furniture projects or even thrift shopping for furniture. 


  • You save money on furniture
  • Thrifting is an environmentally sustainable alternative
  •  Finds from thrift stores can be one-of-a-kind, vintage pieces


Another excellent tip for saving money on furniture would be making furniture yourself! Not only are DIY Furniture projects a super fun activity, but they can also help you save some extra money on furniture.

saving money on furniture

Are you somebody who is big on DIY projects? If you’re always creating fun stuff using your tools, a DIY furniture project might be the best idea that could help you save money on furniture. While these tools keep on coming in handy for any project, it might be wise to invest in some sturdy storage space for your DIY power tools at Ace Hardware and Use code: ACE10DFC to get 10% off!

How much should you save up for furniture? 

Home economics can get pretty hectic if you don’t budget how much to spend or save on various home items. There is no hard or fast rule about how to save money on furniture.  We all know that home furniture is durable and a long-term spending. So, keeping aside around 20% of your monthly earning for good quality furniture could be a practical decision. 

Is it worth spending money on furniture?

Furniture and home décor are reflective of various motivations such as earnings, personal style, and interest. While some may love to indulge in the best of IKEA, others may be happy with the essentials of a chair, table, and a bed! Spending money on furniture can help build a comfortable long-term lifestyle which is definitely worth the money. 

How can I save money to buy furniture? 

  • Plan your furniture budget and stick to it!
  • Prioritize your spending
  • Invest in parts: 1 room at a time, or one piece of furniture at a time
  • Save money by buying economical furniture  

How do I get a good deal on furniture?

  • Keep track of when furniture retailers go on sale 
  • Seek discounts on platforms such as Amazon
  • Look out for voucher codes that can help you save money on furniture 

Here is a comparison of the cost of buying furniture v/s cost of making your furniture:


Now that you know some of the best tactics to save money on furniture, here are some fun DIY furniture projects that you can take up with simple tools that you might have in your storage.


1. DIY Concrete Coffee Table    


Coffee Table


The Coffee table is a much essential furniture piece that can bring charm to your home décor while keeping your budget in check! The contrast of concrete against wood lends this coffee table an aesthetic that is industrial yet elegant. Because of its portable size, it can fit into any corner of your home.


Tools Procedure
Wooden legs Measure the bucket to the required thickness of the table and mark
Concrete Mix the concrete as per the instruction of the cement bag


Bucket Pour the concrete into the bucket up to the marked point ensuring level flow


Measuring tape Insert the wooden legs into three points around the concrete and let the concrete set
Wood paint Once the concrete is set remove it from the bucket


Sandpaper Sand the wooden surface and paint it


Marker Arrange your coffee table in the room of your choice
2. DIY Outdoor Chair

If you love the fresh air and sunlight, investing in an outdoor chair is always a practical decision. However, when the pocket pinch is painful, doesn’t DIY sound like the best prospect? This outdoor chair is comfortable and easy to build using simple storage tools that can help you save money on furniture. Add your favorite cushions from home decor sites such as saramart and it can lend a stylish flair to your home’s patio or backyard!


Budget friendly furniture


Tools Procedure
2 x 3 @ 8 ft wooden frame


Use the saw to make cuts of various sizes as required from the 2 x 3 wooden frames


1X3 @ 8 ft wooden frame


Add pocket holes to the cut pieces using your power drill


½” screws


Assemble the frames for the chair and secure in place using clamps


Hammer and 2” nails


Hammer the nails into pocket holes


 Wood paint Sand the surface and paint as required


Enjoy your DIY Chair


Add cushions and keep in your favourite outdoor corner


3. DIY Ladder Shelf   


saving money in furniture

Ladder shelves are the all-new jazz in the world of interior décor! Their aesthetic is appealing and they can serve several functions,! From bookshelves, plant holders, to mantelpiece shelves, this Do-It-Yourself ladder shelf is a hero that you can build by saving money on furniture.


Tools Procedure

1 x 4 x 6 wooden boards(2)


Use chop saw and cut plywood into required sizes


5” x 2.5” x 3”wooden boards (6)

¾” plywood cut into various measurements as required


Cut the 1 X 4 X 6 boards into 3 lengths : 15, 20, 25 cm




Sand the surfaces


Chop saw


Arrange the pieces like a ladder and drill holes into the surface


Strong adhesive


Secure in place using screws


Sandpaper Sand the wooden surface and paint it


Power drill Lean your ladder shelf against a wall of your favorite room



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