Looking for an e-commerce platform to sell your products? You definitely need to consider selling on noon.com. As a well-reputed brand, noon offers a far more significant customer base than any other platform. 

While it’s true that many renowned e-commerce sites are operating in the Middle East, noon has been winning the hearts of shoppers ever since its inception in 2016. The homegrown online shopping site began in Saudi Arabia with a special mission to promote local businesses in the GCC region. The best part is you can potentially make more money by doing less work.

Besides, noon also delivers several advantages to its seller. So, your decision to sell at noon could be the best for your homegrown business. On that note, VoucherCodes.ae presents all you need to know about becoming a seller on noon and how to go about it.


What Can I sell on Noon?

what to sell on noon

At noon, you can sell any product that is already listed on the noon catalog. A noon seller can also create their listings and add them to the catalog. However, please note, noon does not allow the sale of used items or a product that is not 100% genuine. There’s also a list of products prohibited from selling on noon.

How can I sell on noon?


Wondering if you qualify to sell your products on noon.com?  If you’re a registered company in the UAE, KSA, or Egypt, the answer is yes! There are 12 shopping categories on the noon app and website. These are women’s fashion, men’s fashion, baby products and toys, electronics, home appliances, groceries, sports, personal care, and beauty and fragrance. So, if you are a registered business selling any of those products, you can advertise your products on noon and generate extra revenue.

Now, there are only a few criteria that you must know before you can start your journey as a partner on noon. These range from documentation to cost, maintenance, and advertising. Thankfully, noon has streamlined all these requirements so that you can become a noon seller easily.

How to open a Noon Seller account?

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To become a noon seller, you need to have a valid trading license and a noon customer account. Any company registered in the UAE, KSA, and Egypt with a valid trading license can sell their products on noon. If you have this, you can sign-up to create a noon customer account. You will then have to upload the required documents and open a seller store.

Once you submit all of the required documents, they will be sent for verification. Your store will be live within 5 business days after you receive the approval.

How much does it cost to become a noon partner/seller?

                          cost to sell on noon

Here is the breakdown of the various fee related to partnering with Noon for business:

Default fee

when your listed item is sold via noon, your sale will be automatically charged. These charges will be calculated according to your choice of selling model at noon:

  • Fulfilled by noon, FBN: 6% of the selling price (minimum AED 2 and maximum AED 6 per item, including VAT)
  • Fulfilled by partner, FBP: The FBP model is further divided into cross-dock and direct shipping. The fee breakdown is as follows:
  • Cross dock: 12% of the selling price ( minimum AED 4 and maximum AED 12 per item, including VAT)
  • Direct Ship: 9% of the selling price (minimum AED 3 and maximum AED 9 per item, excluding VAT)

Circumstantial Fee

For any unforeseen circumstance that arises in your selling process on the noon website or app, a minimal fee is deducted at the end of the month.

Weight handling fee

This fee applies only to items with a weight of more than 25 kg, or a size of more than 30 cm. Varies from AED 2 to AED 4.

Cancellation Fee

There is a certain percentage of a cancellation charge for an order canceled on noon by the seller or due to the seller’s fault.

What documents do I need to start selling on noon?

documents to sell on noon

Here are the documents required to become a noon partner:

  • Trade license
  • VAT certificate
  • Proof of residence
  • Purchase proof such as invoice, distribution authorization, manufacture permit
  • Passport
  • If you’re a non-National, you need a residence visa
  • Bank details
  • Sign and stamp your company letterhead with the following information:
  • Bank account number
  • Swift code
  • Iban
  • Bank branch
  • Company’s legal name
  • Store currency (one-time selection)


How to advertise your products at Noon?

various ways to advertise

One of the most important parts of your noon seller journey is advertising your brand and products on the site. This way, you can get more customers to see your products and as a result, increase your brand. noon will in turn collaborate with you to deliver the quality and value of your brand.

Where to place your ads at Noon?

There are plenty of ways you can advertise your brand and products at noon.

  • Exclusive Brand Page

The exclusive brand page on noon showcases the top brands they have. So customers can easily find your brand under the listed categories such as skincare, hair care, and more.

  • Onsite Ads

Our onsite advertising options allow you to choose from a wide variety of high-impact banner advertising choices where customers will be able to see your product whilst scrolling through noon. These advertisements can go on Noon’s homepage.

Another place to have your adverts is on noon’s category pages.

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

This is an interactive form of advertising where customer data is used to shape the relationships and interactions between your products and the customers. Noon will showcase your products and products similar to yours on social media based on the interests of customers.

  • Social Media

Another way to advertise your brand and products would be via Noon’s Instagram stories. This can make for an effective way to boost your reach to new customers who might be interested in your products.

Countries you can advertise your products

Advertising is available in three markets: UAE, KSA, and Egypt.

Where to contact to set up the ads

Contact [email protected] to get started.

Payments To Noon Seller

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Once you start selling on noon, they will automatically transfer your sales revenue (net of fees) to your bank account every week. You will receive a payments statement for each transaction which you can find in the Statement tab of your Seller Station.

You will need to provide the details below on a signed and stamped company letterhead:

  • The company’s legal name
  • Bank account number
  • Iban
  • Swift code ( UAE & Egypt)
  • Bank branch
  • Store currency (once chosen, it wouldn’t be possible to change it in the future)

What Is Seller Lab?

The seller support program from noon is called ‘Seller Lab’ which helps businesses, no matter what size, to sell successfully on noon. This includes everything from in-house training, online video tutorials, available materials, and tools.

For any queries related to shipping, handling, cancelation, and returns, you can contact the noon team at [email protected].

Start Your Noon Seller Journey

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After you’ve fulfilled these criteria, you can start to sell on noon by simply creating a customer account. Upload the documents there and get started. For more information visit these articles to understand how to become a Noon partner, also earn cashback on your every purchase with Noon discount codes and coupons.