“Opening up your closet should be like arriving at a really good party, where everyone you see is someone you like,” says Amy Fine Collins, a special correspondent for Vanity Fair since 1993.

Your closet is your reflection and quality of living. A cluttered, disorganized mess is the last thing we would want for you. Every problem has a solution and your cluttered clothes will no more be an issue. We have the perfect solution for your clothes with closets and closet organizers.

Benefits of having a closer organizer

Organising clothes

Having a personal closet organization system can bring practical results for your daily life. The real-life benefits are long term and beneficial to both your mental and physical health. Here are some benefits that comes with proper organization and closet storage organizers.

  1. Optimization of the closet storage: A fully optimized closet will result in extra space, hence increasing your storage capacity.
  2. Helps you with your budget: You can actually earn money with a well-organized closet! Don’t believe us? An organized closet gives you a full view of what you own. You can save money by not buying a duplicate item and you can earn money by reselling clothes you don’t like.
  3. Adds to your aesthetics: We love a pretty room, don’t we? No one wants an avalanche of clothes every time you open a closet. Closets and closet storage organizers come in cute and classy options. Hence, adding to the aesthetics and practicality of your room.
  4. Feel at ease: A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. It is the very reason why we feel at ease when we declutter the spaces of our home. When you organize your closet, your mind will be at ease and you will always be ready.
  5. Wardrobe upgrade: All your outfits will be ready to wear and literally on your fingertips. You don’t have to worry about finding the right color top to match your heels. You will know what you need to buy instead of hoarding stuff in.
  6. Charity work: There are always some items in the closet, you hold on to. You don’t use it anymore, hence it is just eating up your space. Having an organized closet gives you an efficient usage of space. Then, the ones you don’t want can be given to charity! Few clothes in exchange for social work.

Pairing elegant and fancy closets with practical closet storage organizers

Closet type

“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet,” is an iconic dialogue said by Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City.’ We couldn’t put it more aptly. You invest in your wardrobe and it represents your style. With best closets, let’s go a step further into the closet storage organizers. It will help you make more space and be a lot more organized.

How can your clothes get any less than the best closets and closet storage organizers?

So, VoucherCodes.ae brings you the dream closets from the Cairo-based furniture paradise, Homzmart. Closets to add to the beauty of your home. Use Homzmart discount code “HZ125” to get 5% off your order.

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Open, clean and chic

Open and clean closet

Organize your room with MDF white closet. Adding an elegant touch to your home. This closet has 3 drawers and 3 upper open shelves. The left side of the closet has 5 shelves. The right and middle sides have a hanger.

Dimensions: Width:140 cm, Height:200 cm,Depth:50 cm.

Price: AED 973.23

Closet storage organisers

Open closets have a great aesthetic value if maintained properly. Your clothing accessories such as socks, ties, or lingerie shouldn’t be on display. You can use closet storage organizers as above to store them in the drawers.

Price: AED 15

Less is more

Modest closet

An open closet option to keep your ready-to-go outfits. Practical and stylish. You can have it fit in the guest room or even the bathroom for a quick change of outfit.

Price: AED 412.19

Best closet ideas

Some open closets consist of only shelves and hanger and no drawers. Innerwear deserve a space of their own. You can store, classify, and organize them accordingly to your choice and habits with this organizer.

Price: AED 43

Portable and Easy

Closet room ideas

A closet that is portable, elegant and you can modify it any way you like. You can add extra detachable shelves or storage boxes it comes with two shelves and one hanger.

Price: AED 435

Storage closet organizer

When you have a bigger hanger, you can opt to hang your accessories as well with these closet storage organizers. You can sort through them easily and even mark them easily.

Price: AED 26.60

Classy and Vintage

Storage closet organization ideas

This Vintage Clothing rack is made to last forever. A heavy-duty rack that is easy to move and an extra storage unit in your home.

Price: AED 160

Closet storage organisers

Rail racks have a small space, to begin with. Don’t cramp up space, rather use mini organizers to put your things in place.

Price: AED 18.99

More space, please!

Attractive closet ideas

Too many clothes and a small space? We have a beige wardrobe for you. With the dimensions of 160x200x60cm, it can easily fit all of your clothes and accessories. It has three storage units and three drawers.

Price AED 1378.55

Closet storage organisers

Who doesn’t like more space, you can add more with these closet storage organizers. No more worries about having to pull out the shirt from the bottom of the pile!

Price: AED 56.75

You can check out other amazing closets and storage units of Homzmart, here.

Extra tip:

Garment protection

If you own an open closet, it is advisable to have dust-proof covers. They are mean for clothes which are made up of delicate material.

Price: AED 13.12

Have fun decluttering and redecorating your space with the right closet storage organizers. Keep your mind at ease with an organized space!