Commemorate the last days of this decade in style by traveling to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. Thanks to Christmas offers, that allows you to travel to your dream destination without breaking the bank.

Christmas is an ideal time of the year to spend a quality vacation with your family. So here are the top 5 Christmas destinations of the year.

Best Christmas offers in UAE for travel

It is the time of the year when the skyline sparkles with fireworks and the streets are lit. What better time than this to see the world? Fly with some of the best airlines in the Middle East and spend some quality time with your loved ones in one of these winter destinations.

Get sunkissed at the Sapphire beaches of Malta

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The city of Valletta (Pinterest)

Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea is known as “Europe’s paradise” mainly because of the sapphire tone of the sea. Thousands of tourists are enchanted by the alleys and colorful boats especially in the capital city of Valletta, one of the most culturally rich cities in Europe. There are more than 300 historic monuments in Valletta giving the city one of the most beautiful architectures in Europe.

During Christmas, Malta transforms into a wonderland filled with festive events, with Christmas lights and cheer. The best places to spend Christmas in Malta are Valletta and Gozo. While Valletta is famous for its architecture, shops, restaurants, cafes, and Christmas lights, Gozo, has its rustic charm, on the isle. You can visit some farmhouses, enjoy the local food and explore the beautiful countryside and serene beaches. If you are looking for a warm, sunny place to spend your vacation, Malta is the perfect destination for you.

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Experience snowy winter in the Middle East

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Mt Tochal, Tehran (Pinterest)

Iran is a country of amazing hospitality, ancient culture, and some bustling cities. Tehran, the capital city, offers fascinating museums and bustling markets, but this winter you can head to the ski resorts of Tochal mountain to experience powdery fresh snow. You can go on for short treks or choose to ski or just sit back and enjoy Irnaina cuisine by the fireplace.

In the northern part of Tehran is the Tabiat Bridge which is a safe haven for nature lovers. The bridge adjoins two nature parks and offers a magnificent view of the mountains. You should also visit Darband which is located at the foot of the Tochal Mountains. Darband is littered with the many beautiful restaurants and cafes which will give you your perfect new-year Instagram post.

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Dance under the Northern Lights of Iceland

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Reykjavik under the Northern Lights (Pinterest)

If you are looking for a truly wintery experience, there is no better place than Reykjavik.  It is the northernmost capital of the world, made even more special by the blessings of the northern lights along with the occasional snowfall. There is a full calendar of cultural events you can go to in Reykjavik during winter and that includes a line-up of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

On visiting, you will discover that Iceland is much more than just Christmas and New Year celebrations. The country is filled with many breathtaking national parks, geothermal pools, and spas that promise to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your entire being. So, be sure you explore the country very well so that you don’t miss out on the marvelous experiences it has to offer.

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Sip your coffee and explore Christmas Markets in Vienna

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St Stephans Cathedral, Vienna (Pinterest)

It is argued that Vienna is one of the most beautiful places to visit during wintertime. Why? Because the city is a cultural treasure trove of Europe and during winter all of the prettiest squares turn into magical Christmas markets. The car-free city center, beautifully preserved history, the impressive architecture and accents of fashion are displayed all over the city, making Vienna one heartwarming destination.

When in Vienna, travel like royalty to numerous palaces, museums, and cathedrals. The city was once the capital of a huge empire, and Habsburg Palace is the testament to that. So, be sure to visit the palace as well as the St Stephen’s Cathedral. Don’t miss out on ice skating at Vienna Ice Dream and indulge in a therapeutic spa that is spotted all over the city.

However, the Christmas markets in Vienna are the main attractions that make Christmas in Vienna so special. You will see that there are more than 20 Christmas markets scattered around the city. Searching for a perfect souvenir in these markets will give you a good tour of the city. You will also experience a beautiful coffee culture in this city as cafes are quiet, relaxed and serve perfect cups of coffee and deserts.

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Witness the glory of White Christmas in St Petersburg

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The Winter Palace, St Petersburg (Flickr)

Although it is not the best time to visit Russia during winter as the French and the Germans would suggest, but we think it is a good idea to experience the true essence of the country. Everything is covered in snow, but adventurous travelers will find St Petersburg to be a gloriously picturesque wonderland this time of the year.

For centuries, the city has served as a gathering hub for creative people from all disciplines of art and architecture. As a result, today you will come across beautiful and grand architectures in every nook and corner of the city. You can’t help but notice the immaculate attention to detail, both inside and outside of every monument, take for example the legendary Hermitage Museum, Saviour of the Spilled Blood, St Issacs Cathedral and so on.

In December, the frosted trees and snow-covered architecture combined with the Christmas lights make St Petersburg look like a kingdom out of a fairytale. For those living in the UAE who truely need a drastic change from the Middle-East, there is no better place than St Petersberg, the most beautiful and underrated city in the world.

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