Smartwatches have been around for more than three decades, but their popularity skyrocketed only recently. Following voice commands, location tracking are a few of the best tricks, smartwatches perform. They even monitor your heart rate.

When the smartwatch, the Pulsar watch (NL C01) was first invented in 1982, it could store 24 digits, making it most likely the first watch with user-programmable memory. We have come a long way since then, as Apple recently launched its own Series 5 watch, sporting unique features such as an inbuilt compass, fitness tracker, emergency alerts and always-on display. In short, watches don’t just tell time anymore, smartwatches can do everything a phone does. The idea of watches now is to make lives easier.

Smartwatch: is it worth indulging in one?

As watches, in general, are not a basic necessity, an absence of it is not a major hindrance. However, if you can afford one, watches are an absolute pleasure to possess. A smartwatch is a very convenient and simple piece of tech that you can effortlessly carry around with all your essential tools wrapped around your wrists. It is extremely helpful to professionals who need to be on the job 24/7. Besides, wearing a watch is said to boost confidence and regulate your lifestyle. No wonder some people feel incomplete without their watches.

Smartwatch or a traditional one?

Now that the market is filled with options, which one do you go for? On one hand, there are the conventional and classic designs that have the essence of age and simplicity. On the other, there are these new modern smart designs that showcase innovation and vision.

If you view the watch as a piece of jewelry, then you might find the conventional models more appealing. However, if you look at the watch as a tool to make your life more efficient, then you will find yourself drifting toward the smartwatches as these are pieces of tech aimed at doing just that. There is no limit on the price range of a conventional watch. So if it’s value for your money that you are looking for, then you should go for the smartwatch.

There are a lot of watches in the market from any third parties that claim to be a smartwatch, while in reality, they are just mere fitness bands that have features like heart rate monitors, and step trackers. Choose wisely, and when doing so, get an additional 10% off on all smartwatches at with Amazon promo codes and with Noon Coupons. presents to you the top 10 best smartwatches 2020. Have your pick.

The best smartwatches of 2020: the top 10

Apple Watch Series 5

Best Smart Watches 2020

  • Display: 1.78 inches OLED
  • Compatibility: IOS
  • OS: Watch OS 6.0
  • Processor: Apple S5
  • Storage:32 GB
  • Connectivity: LTE, Bluetooth 5.0, Wifi, NFC
  • Battery: 1 day 36 hours
  • IP Rating: Water resistant to 50m

Do you happen to own an iPhone? Then this is probably the best device you can get. It works seamlessly with iPhones. The Apple Watch Series 5 is one of the most capable of the best smartwatches of 2020. The Apple Watch Series 4 was very popular last year as it came with a lot of new features. However, series 5 is virtually the same as series 4 but only with minor improvements.

It has a 1.7-inch LPTO OLED display which comes with a resolution of  448 x 368  pixels. The screen is made of Sapphire Crystal Glass making it very durable.  However, there is one new feature in the Display and that is the always-on mode. This means no raising of the watch to peep at the key stats.

Apple is not the first one to introduce this feature on smartwatches, but, they might just be the best. There is no secondary display layer or a special mode to toggle on or off. There are just the existing watch-faces, which will always be on, just like a conventional watch.

You also get a compass with the Series 5. The API system is also added so that the compass can be used on third-party apps as well. It also shows you the longitude, latitude or altitude for hiking all the other outdoor activities. The best part of this addition is its use with the navigation app. Now maps will be able to tell you which way you are facing, making it supremely easy to navigate.

The new series5 will give you 32 GB of storage. So, it gives you more room to store things like music for offline listening. What’s even bigger is that with the watch OS6, you can directly download apps in the watch via the app store and be completely independent of your iPhone. International emergency calling to be specific. It works over 150 countries according to apple even if your watch does not have the cellular services activated.

For fitness fanatics, the watch is also loaded with a plethora of fitness and health features. There is this ECG monitor, fall and noise detection, GPS tracking. The activity tracking features that can track a whole lot of outdoor and gym activities.

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Always-on displayQuite similar to Apple watch 4
Comes with more storagePoor battery life
Added compass aid navigation and elevation readingsLacks native sleep tracking

Buy from Amazon: AED 1,800.00

Buy from Noon: AED 1,699.00

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

  • Display: 3 inch (1.2″ or 1.4″) Super AMOLED
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • OS: Tizen OS
  • Processor: Dual-core, 1.15 GHz
  • Storage: 8 GB internal storage
  • Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, and LTE
  • Battery: 3 days on 45mm less on 41mm
  • IP Rating: IP68

A watch that watches for you. A sequel to the Galaxy watch from 2018 refines the device’s design elements. Galaxy Watch3 combines smartphone-level productivity and health technology in one premium device. It is available in mystic black, mystic silver and mystic bronze. One of the things that set the galaxy watch apart from its competition is that it looks like a traditional wristwatch. A rotatable raised bezel helps to cycle the on-screen menus physically.

Its 1.2,1.4 inches super AMOLED display is very bright and the colors pop bright out. This watch looks much better than a first-generation device. Glaxy Watch3 is quite sleek.  It is slimmer, smaller and lighter than traditional watch designs. You can complete your Watch3’s look by choosing from over 50,000 watch faces.  You can also make your own look from 40 combinations.

Added new fitness features of this watch improve the overall activity tracking. Advanced health monitoring offers valuable fitness insights. On-demand SpO2 measurement measures oxygen pumping through your body. It also measures the maximum amount of oxygen consumption and evaluates overall endurance during training.

Built-in run coaching gets more out of every movement. GPS tracks your running route and distance while superior sensors help maintain your pace. You can even team-up with other Galaxy apps. It easily connects with a range of galaxy and non-galaxy devices.

With Galaxy Watch3 you can keep your conversations going with your loved ones. It even helps getting the context with smart replies.  You will also have endless options of Spotify offline playlists that you can listen to. All of the widgets and settings for this watch are customizable. The interface itself is very simple and straight forward so you won’t have to fiddle around with it forever.

Rotating bezelNormal battery life
Great looking smartwatchExpensive
Strong health companionECG, blood pressure monitor aren't currently available in all markets on Galaxy Watch3.

Buy from Amazon: AED 1594.00

Buy from Noon: AED: 1599.00

Fossil Sport

Fossil Sport

  • Display: 1.2 inches AMOLED
  • Compatibility: IOS, Android
  • OS: Wear OS by Google
  • Processor: Quad-core 1.2 GHz
  • Storage: 4 GB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS
  • Battery: 2 days
  • IP Rating: IP68

Another of the best smartwatches for 2020 is Fossil Sport. Fossil Sport is one of the most premium wear OS devices that you can find at less price. It features GPS, a lightweight design and good battery life.

Fossil Sport comes with a Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset inside which is Qualcomm’s latest update. This watch will let you have a much smoother experiences than earlier Wear OS watches. It focuses mainly on fitness and comes with a sporty silicone strap.

Its 1.2″ AMOLED screen is still the same as the previous generations. Perfectly crisp for reading small texts and has a very vibrant color display. It’s not as bright as some of its competitors such as the apple but it’s not that bad either. Although the hardware is up-to-date but doesn’t have high-end features.

It also caters well to fitness fans as it comes with a heart rate monitor and other fitness trackers. These features can keep a track of your pulse and activities 24 hours a day.

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Garmin, Vivo Active 4S

Garmin Vivo Active 4S

  • Display: 1.3″ (260 x 260px) MIP Amoled 390 390
  • Compatibility: IOS and Android
  • OS: Proprietary OS
  • Memory: 7 timed activities, 14 days of activity tracking data
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Smart and ANT+
  • Battery: Up to 8 days(smartwatch mode), 5 hours (GPS mode)

This is a very versatile smartwatch, it has a built-in GPS, heart rate sensor and other apps that are dedicated to keeping track of a range of sporting activities. Although it’s mainly a fitness smartwatch, it has a lot of things that it can brag about.

With features such as smart notifications and an onboard payment system called Garmin Pay. You can respond to texts and notifications from your Garmin watch for android phones. However, if you have an IOS device it can only read the notifications and not reply.

The Vivo Active 4 has a body battery that gives you an indication of your energy levels throughout the day. The watch also has a stress tracking feature which is a basic HRV measurement. It also sports the latest generation Elevate heart rate which also a pulse ox sensor that monitors your blood oxygen levels and can help you for more advanced sleep tracking.

Also, it also has a respiration tracking to monitor how you are breathing throughout the day and abnormal heart rate alerts. Track women’s mensuration cycles and your hydration levels.

It comes with a stainless steel casing and weighs enough to feel like a premium watch. It has a 1.3-inch screen which provides a good view of the stats without any strain in the eye. The designers have gone about with a minimalist approach for this watch as it only has 2 buttons in it.

This watch is also ideal for swimmers as it is waterproof up to fifty meters. This is a true outdoor watch as the screen is also made of corning gorilla glass which makes this device very durable. It also has a wide selection of music as it has a wide selection of music services to download playlists and tracks to your device including Spotify and Amazon music.

It also has a built-in GPS and a ton of activity profiles such as running, cycling, pool swimming, golf skiing and many more. Gym-based profiles such as cardio, strength, Yoga, etc. One another new feature is that there will be now 40+ animated workouts to guide you through your strength training, yoga, etc.

Lightweight, customizable designNo AMOLED display
Notifications from iOS and AndroidSleep tracking lacks detail
Excellent battery life

Buy it from Sharaf DG: AED 1,361.00

Amaze Fit GTS

The best smartwatches in 2019

  • Display: 1.65 AMOLED
  • Compatibility: IOS and Android
  • OS: Mi Fit companion app
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, GPS, NFC
  • Battery: 14 days on normal mode, 46 days in watch mode

This is a watch that looks exactly like an apple watch. But it is much cheaper and it also works on androids. It is waterproof up to 50 meters. It gives you 14 days of battery life.

Amazfit is a surprisingly big company that is being funded by XIAOMI.  They have been dishing out a lot of wearables these days. The Amazfit fit is much more than an apple imitator. This watch is a pleasant surprise, the metal body is slim and it has a wonderfully tactile texture giving it a premium feel.

However, it is the screen that will grab your attention. The 348 x 442 pixel AMOLED panel of 1.65 inches is a beauty. The well designed OS also makes the display look bezel-less only adding to its appeal. The 348 x 442 pixels make bright icons pin sharp.

This watch works smooth, and far from the poor experiences once associated with the cheap smartwatches. The operation is smooth and easy while using GTS on your wrists.

The watch feature list is strong too, there is a heart rate sensor at the back, sleep tracking and GPS inside so that you don’t need your phone on a run.  It is also water-resistant up to 50 meters. You can also customize your watch faces and widgets can be added. Moreover, the display is not cluttered or messy, it links to an MI app which is available to Apple and Android using Bluetooth.

This much more than an apple watch clone. People might take a glance and think that you are wearing an apple watch, but this watch is much more than that. It is much more than that it’s not a disastrous operational system that you might think it is. The materials and constructions are of very good quality and elegant. It’s rather a good-looking, well-made and sturdy watch.

Stylish designThere is no ECG +PPG
12 Sports mode
5ATM waterproof
Bluetooth 5.0
Long battery life

Buy from Amazon: AED 401.22

Buy from Noon: AED 386.75

Apple Watch Series 3

Smartwatches for 2019 on VouchercodesUAE

  • Display: 1.65 inches OLED
  • Compatibility: IOS
  • OS: WatchOS4.0, upgradable up to 5.3
  • Processor: Apple S 3
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Connectivity: LTE, Wifi, GPS
  • Battery: up to 18hrs

The Apple Watch Series 3 is almost-three-year-old now. However, it remains one of the best smartwatches of 2020 that you can buy today. Especially since Apple decided to kill off series 4 and update the series 3 to Watch OS 6. This was the 1st Apple watch that could be used entirely without the iPhone. As it comes with an LTE, Wifi and a built-in GPS.

This watch is run by the Apple S3 processor which has been tried and tested over two years now and no one has any complaints about it. The Apps launch fast and run very smoothly moreover you get a good response from Siri as well. The 1.65 inches OLED display is also very bright, vivid and fluid while running the interface.

The Series 3 also has a 16 GB storage which is more than enough to store music, pics, and apps on this mini-computer.  It also sports the Apple W 2 chips making it very easy to connect to your air pods. Moreover, syncing the apps to the apple watch through your iPhone is also gonna be faster and less battery.

It also comes with LTE cellular support. However, the LTE drains your battery very quickly and it does not support roaming. You can only use it in the country you buy it in. You can also stream music directly due to the connectivity.

It also comes with a ton of features such as heart rate monitors, fitness apps and workout options. You can customize your watch faces. Also, The Watch OS 6 gives you access to the many, many apps that you can download in that vast 16 GB storage.

Apple also gives you the option of choosing from a variety of watch models. Different models come in different casing and connectivity options. You can also choose from a lot of bands including 3rd party options to go perfectly with the watch

Faster performancePoor battery
Improved fitness trackingLTE connectivity issue

Buy from Amazon: AED 795.00

Buy from Noon: AED 939.00

Honor Magic Watch 2

Honor Magic Watch 2

  • Display: 1.2-inch / 1.39-inch 454 x 454 AMOLED
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • OS: LiteOS
  • Storage:4 GB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wifi, NFC
  • Battery: 7-14 days
  • IP Rating: Water-Resistant

Honor Magic Watch 2 is a superb treat for all the fitness freaks. It comes with a strong suite of fitness features. It smartly tracks a range of sports and also provides workout advice and feedback.  Honor Magic Watch 2 does stress monitoring and exercise pace tracking. Well, that sounds pretty amazing.

Watch has a sleek design and amazing battery life. It has two size variants; 42mm and 46mm. Bigger screen and high resolution is a plus. There is long-range Bluetooth for easy connectivity and for calling purposes, it features built-in speaker and microphone.

This smartwatch has two crowns. Pressing one crown brings up lifestyle features whereas other pop-up workout menus. It is quite comfortable to wear. Watch straps come in black fluoroelastomer, brown leather and rose gold Milanese loop.

The screen displays colors well. You have the liberty to put up your own photos as wallpapers via the Huawei health app. You need not wake the device to check the time because it has an always-on display.

The design of the watch is prone to getting dusty. It lacks non-fitness features which is a downside. Although many of its fitness features are not available on iOS overall it is a good watch.

Various fitness featuresLimited non-music features
Amazing battery lifeAttracts dust

Buy it from Amazon for AED 528.85

But it from Noon for AED 519.00

Huawei Watch GT 2

Which smartwatches are the best in 2019?

  • Display: 1.39 inches OLED
  • Compatibility: Android and IOS
  • OS: Light OS
  • Processor: Huawei Cortex M4 dual-core Chipset
  • Storage: 4 GB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, NFC, GPS
  • Battery: 14 Days

If you are looking for a watch that is stylish but has substance as well, look no further. The Huawei GT has a stainless steel casing has a DLC coding, Diamond-like carbon coding makes it very scratch resistant. Its silicone strap is also very comfortable as well. It comes at the right size of 10.5 mm, not too bulky to hinder your workouts and not to thin to be too lightweight.

1.4-inch AMOLED display matches any premium smartwatch panel out there. You get bold rich colors, super dark black, and fine details thanks to the 454 x 454-pixel display. The brightness levels are very good and the texts appear crisp and readable. Huawei has created one of the best smartwatch screens at a very aggressive price point.

It runs on its own In house wearable platform and ditches the google OS for better battery life. Although they are improving the battery life with the Light OS. They are ditching extensive 3rd party app support, LTE  Connectivity, music control, and some other features on the downside.

It is a water resistance up to 50 meters. And has a lot of fitness profiles for running cycling, swimming, hiking, free training and many more. While you are performing your fitness activities, you will be constantly notified with some relevant statistics. The screen displays time, distance, strides frequency, pace, heart rate, training status, recovery time suggestion and so on. It also features a 24 hrs smart heart rate monitoring.

Huawei’s Cortex M4 dual-core chipset powers the device and keep things running pretty well. However, sometimes when u press or swipe the screen it can respond to you a heartbeat later. But the performance is certainly not sluggish. It also sports an array of sensors such as the optical heart rate sensor, Built-in GPS Altimeter, Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor, Accelerometer and many more.

The main selling point of GT  is that it has fantastic battery life. Even with all of its features enabled along with the constant heart rate monitor. You can get a full week out of this device. That result beats the crap out of its competition in the market. Making ideal for those who travel a lot.

Premium looksLimited watch faces
Amazing OLED displayNo third-party apps
Excellent battery life

Buy from Amazon for AED 599.00

Buy from Noon for AED 506.75

TicWatch pro-2020

TicWatch Pro 2020

  • Display: 1.39 inches AMOLED + FSTN display
  • Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • OS: Wear OS by Google
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear
  • Storage: 4 Gb
  • Connectivity: 4G/LTE FDD; Bluetooth v4.2 + LE; Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n; NFC
  • Battery: 2-30 days
  • IP Rating: IP68 water and dust-proof rating

The Tic Watch Pro 2 has a very impressive battery life of up to 30 days on a go. This smartwatch has different modes such as the smart modes and essential mode, which will make this one of the most battery efficient watches in the market.

It has a beautiful AMOLED display which is very sharp and bright which is very impressive but gives you 2-5 days battery life. Also, you can also switch to an LCD, this gives you unprecedented control over your watch’s battery life.

The watch also supports thousands of apps that you can download from the google play store. This includes many apps that are designed for health and fitness tracking. For instance, it has an in-built GPS and also integrated with google pay which makes purchasing millions of items all over the world a lot easier.

The thousands of different watch faces that you will have to choose from will allow you to customize your watch for a very specific look. Google Assistant is built into this watch to help you execute a wide range of tasks with simple voice commands, this will be very useful when you are driving your car.

This is very light, attractive, and highly versatile. This watch has a very simple design that makes it very easy to use as a whole.

Wear OS keeps watch function wellScreen is not readable in sunlight
Well performing battery
Limited app and no LTE features
Innovative screen tech and premium designIssues with GPS

Buy it from Amazon: AED 989.99

Fitbit Versa 2

Best Smartwatches of 2020

  • Display: 300 300 AMOLED
  • Compatibility: Android, IOS
  • OS: Fitbit OS
  • Storage: 2.5 GB
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi, NFC
  • Battery: Up to 5 days
  • IP Rating: Water Resistant to 50m

Fitbit Versa 2 brings some great improvements to the original one. It helps you track your health and fitness day all day long. It comes with a premium finish. Fitbit Versa 2 has a brighter OLED display cased in aluminum with an always-on option. You can simply choose any watch face according to your liking.

15 different goal-based exercise modes are cherry on the top for different workout lovers. You can wear it during your laps while swimming as it is water-resistant for up to 50 meters.

It is a perfect choice for women. It lets keeping track of their cycles. The data provides a complete overview of their health condition. It’s guided breathing sessions help meditate.

Fitbit Versa 2 has built-in Alexa, Wifi and NFC. Having said this, you can simply control your gadgets by mere voice commands. NFC helps make you pay with your smartwatch at all the supported establishments.

Always-on display option
Lacks GPS
Good battery lifeWon't work with third-party health apps

But it from Amazon: AED 899.00

Buy it from Noon: AED 755.00

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