The quest to find the right gift may be exciting but it is extremely stressful. While the idea of the perfect gift is subjective, the thought behind it requires meditative attention on receiver’s acute likes and dislikes. Chances of this wonderful gesture going wrong are endless. Imagine gifting a vegan a leather belt!

Gift cards have revolutionized the art of gifting. Thankfully. Taking the burden off your shoulders, gift cards is certainly the best gift to give in today’s world where the options are limitless and individuals are extremely picky.

Here are the top 10 reasons why gift cards make better gifts than cash or neatly wrapped presents.

Gift Cards

There are two types of gift cards – physical and digital. The billion-dollar business has become widespread in the recent years (Pinterest)

What are the benefits of gift cards?

  1. Easy to give and personal to receive
  2. Gift cards have the value of cash and remembrance of a physical gift
  3. More discounts
  4. Helps in guilt-free shopping
  5. Less chances of overspending
  6. Safety first
  7. Great gift for children
  8. No risks involved
  9. Makes a great goodbye present
  10. It’s much more thoughtful than you think

Easy to give and personal to receive

Just because you’re giving someone a gift card does not mean you are giving them a generic gift. In fact, gift cards can be made extremely personal. You can easily customize the graphic, the image and the font of the gift card. You can write personal notes, stick the picture of their favorite show and grant gift cards for almost anything under the sun – food, travel, clothes, or shows. Explore the world of virtual gifting and you will be amazed by the ways you can surprise your dear ones.

Gift cards have the value of cash and remembrance of a physical gift

Let’s be honest. Do you remember the last person who gifted you cash? You pretty much have no clue where the money went and you don’t remember all your friends and relatives who have gifted you cash over the years. Keeping this in mind, gift cards are way more valuable. You may argue that gifts, as in the bow-tied presents get you remembered, but how handy have those been to your loved ones? Gift cards are like giving them the value of cash and choosing to stay remembered as you would with a physical gift.

More discounts

All of us crave to save more. Gifting gift cards mean that you’re gifting a certain amount intact and as a whole. This means that no matter the sale, the amount of money on the gift card remains the same. Imagine you have an Amazon gift card worth AED 100 and you find your wishlist item on sale, say a set of speakers. The original price of the speaker was AED 200 and now it is AED 150. You only have to pay AED 50 to get the speakers, saving legit AED 150. Now, isn’t that sweet?

Helps in guilt-free shopping

We know there are a lot of online shopping addicts and your loved ones may happen to be one. The guilt of an online shopper is real, ask anyone. The regret of draining the bank account almost dry haunts for days. By gifting them the gift card, you are not online making them happy but also helping them battle the guilt and making their conscience clear.

Less chances of overspending

When you gift someone a gift card, your budget is already decided. Especially during the holidays, everyone tends to overspend. But with your gift card, there’s no temptation to spend more than you need. That way, you can get gifts for everyone on your list.

Safety first

Much, much, much more safer than cash. Gift cards come directly on the receiver’s phone via message or mail, which means it is not only easy to carry and access but also much safer than loose cash. There’s no chance of duplication so the gift card is solely the receiver’s to own. The physical gift cards which are provided by the banks and the brands alike are similar to credit and debit cards which can be frozen in case of loss or theft.

Great gift for children

When you gift your child a gift card, not only are you giving him/her the freedom to choose the gift, but you are also monitoring the spending of your young shopper. You are restricting the place of purchase and the amount to spend, all while making your child happy.

No risks involved

A physical gift involves a lot of calculated risks especially if you don’t know the person too well. A gift card is not only a safer option but you can be sure the person will use it over the Iron Maiden poster you wanted to give a Justin Bieber fan, just saying.  A study titled ‘Why Certain Gifts Are Great To Give But Not To Get’ concludes that gift-givers prioritize excitement of the gift, whereas the receiver is focused on the utility and versatility of the gift. With gift cards, especially for something that’s absolutely necessary, you are hitting the bulls-eye.

Makes a great goodbye present

If your friend is leaving town and you’re called for the farewell party, giving an actual gift would spell troublesome for them. They would have to pack and carry the gift, or even worse, leave it with someone in town. The convenient gift card can always come in handy for them. Think about it, would you rather receive a gift card as your farewell gift or a baseball bat?

It’s much more thoughtful than you think

Gift cards have had a reputation of being an impersonal and thoughtless gift. However, gift cards are way thoughtful than you are made to believe. So you know, your loved one wants to get a pair of latest Adidas shoes. Instead of gifting your loved one the wrong shoe, giving the Adidas gift card would make more sense. The gift is as thrilling as a neatly wrapped shoebox. has introduced gift cards to gift your loved ones. Try the best gift cards and coupon codes in the UAE and see how brilliant a gift it makes. If you don’t give it a shot, you will never know.