Looking forward to a much-deserved vacation? Why not start prepping for it especially on the National Sunglasses Day? It sounds crazy but once we start traveling across the world again, we might be in a rush to catch up on other issues, and planning a vacation will not be on the priority list. Or, will it? Either way, the time to plan is now and we’ll start by selecting our perfect shades. After all, we need to set the vacation anthem.

Sunglasses Day is a commemorative day celebrated annually on June 27. This day is all about bringing to light the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect the eyes from the harsh ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. On June 27, you can celebrate #NationalSunglassesDay by posting a #SunglassSelfie on social media wearing your favorite sunnies. Tag VoucherCodes.ae along to get featured on our Social Media.

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VoucherCodes.ae has picked out six of the coolest basic sunglasses from this top eyewear brand to help you enjoy that much-needed vacation post-COVID-19. Imagine the sand, the shore, and the sun!

Why wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses Eyewa VoucherCodes.ae

Besides the trend factor, sunglasses have a lot of other benefits too. First of all, they protect your eyes from the harsh glares of the sun. Besides the soothing effect to your eyes, good quality glasses also provide protection from the harmful rays and aid you in your outdoor activities. Sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to any summer outfit so here are our favorite picks:

Top Picks for National Sunglasses Day

Mood Aviator

Sunglasses Eyewa VoucherCodes.ae

We’ve seen and probably tried out all kinds and shapes of sunnies. The styles keep changing every now and then and it’s always something unexpected that comes in vogue. This being said, everything has its own classic— be it music or fashion, there are some things that never go out of style. Popularized by pilots, aviators are the classics in the world of sunglasses.

These aviator sunglasses from Mood come with a little twist on the traditional aviator shape but work well with both casual and formal outfits. Get these classic aviators for AED 299.

TOPFOXX Future Wife

National Sunglasses Day

Neck-to-neck in being classics with aviators are the wayfarer style sunglasses. These are the go-to style of sunglasses as they suit almost all face shapes. More than anything else, it is a timeless pair.

With a little modification on the typical wayfarers, these sunglasses from TOPFOXX are perfect to rock your summer look. A chic black acetate in a square shape, these sunglasses have a comfortable fit and claim to protect your eyes from harmful rays with an extra dose of style. Get this cool pair for AED 134.

Quay Prove It

National Sunglasses Day

These super-cute retro-style sunglasses play up feline femininity with an elegant old-school charm. Wide-framed cat-eye shades are the best bet for anyone. This style of eyewear was probably first seen in the famous Hollywood movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ starring Audrey Hepburn. Since then, it has become a style statement.

Founded in 2004, Quay quickly became known as the famously cool sunglass brand. These wide-framed cat-eye sunglasses are fearlessly stylish, dramatic, and carefree. Get this super stylish pair for AED 194.

Mr. Wonderful Silver Round

Sunglasses Eyewa VoucherCodes.ae

A popular choice amongst pop icons in the 1960s and 70s, round or circular sunglasses have since then become one of the trendiest pairs of eyewear. They were originally referred to as ‘tea shades but after the famous singer, John Lennon popularized them, they are now often referred to as Lennon glasses.

There is still a huge demand for this kind of sunglasses. Mr. Wonderful inspires creativity, positivity, and optimism in their products. Their styles come in intense, optimistic colors and soft shapes that are sure to delight you. You can get this pair of round glasses with a silver metal frame for AED 232.


Sunglasses Eyewa VoucherCodes.ae

Always losing or misplacing your sunglasses? Of course, they’re delicate and their cases don’t always fit in your pockets and definitely not in small bags or clutches. If you have a hard time taking care of your eyewear, you’re in luck! Foldable sunglasses such as this pair are designed to fit into the smallest of bags and pockets.

When folded up, the ROAV Jett foldable sunglasses are as thin as a smartphone and weigh just over 15 grams. Made with the thinnest stainless steel folding frames and press-formed screw-less hinges, they allow you to carry them off effortlessly. Get your pair of these chic foldable glasses for AED 479.

Ray-Ban Black Square

Sunglasses Eyewa VoucherCodes.ae

The basic black square shades are another pair of classic shades that would go with any kind of outfit. Besides the trend factor, square sunglasses are super functional as they cover most of the face. A pair of sleek square sunglasses would definitely help you keep your style in check.

When it comes to eyewear, who can forget the most popular brand, Ray-Ban? Effortlessly cool, Ray-Ban has been at the forefront of fashionable eyewear and culture since 1937. Worn by A-list celebrities on and off-screen, these shades are a statement of style. Get this sleek pair for AED 629.

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