There’s a reason why we say student life is a golden one. Not only is it the most crucial phase of human life, but it is also the most fun. is here to add more sizzle to your student life by launching an exclusive site with irresistible offers. Students is curated keeping the students in mind. You will find the biggest deals on food, fashion, and travel with coupon codes on all your favorite brands.

Students can now use Students to get more discounts Students gives you biggest deals on fashion, food and travel (pinterest)

Why are students discount necessary?

Blame the student loan or the tight pocket money, but students tread on a budget. While budgeting is an important life skill, there is always helplessness attached to it. As a student, you may not think of splurging as much as the woman next door, who earns her salary every month. However, that does not mean you’re devoid of such joys.

With online shopping, a modern-day fairy godmother, you can easily check on sales, what’s trending and look out for coupon sites that guarantee you massive discounts. has been around for a while, catering to a much blissful shopping experience across MENA, but with Students, we want to give you all the more money-saving experience.

Using the coupon codes available on the site may have helped you save a lot over the years, but with this new introduction, you will be saving double than what you did.

How does it work?

You need to Sign In to with a valid university email address (usually ending with .edu or .ac), and put your information and wait for a confirmation email. Once that is complete, you will get special access to student discounts on Students. Yes, you need a valid email address from your institution. The website will reveal you the coupon code and all you have to do is copy and paste like any other promotional codes. It is that easy!

What we have in offer

When it comes to beauty and fashion, we have Yoins, that gives an exclusive student offer of 20% off on orders above $69. With H&M we give 10% off on all items, and 20% on Sivvi. With technologies, students get 10% off on all electronics on, and 50% off on Jumbo Electronics. Zoolz and Awok offer 30% off on home items for students.

As for discounts on food, there’s a whole plethora of gastronomical experience waiting for you as Deliveroo gives 20% off for students. Gifting is made a budget-friendly deal affair as 800Flower gives 15% off on chocolates, cakes, and gifts while The Entertainer gives 10% off on everything.

Save up to 30% with may have helped you save a lot over the years, but with the student version, you will be saving double than what you did (Stock Images)

You can tell your mom about it

Believe it or not, getting to save when shopping is an ecstatic experience. Giving your parents a call and telling them about the amount of money you saved instead of the amount you splurged, will definitely make them happy. As reports have it, parents are always hunting for ways to minimize their child’s expenditure. This is your chance to show you are not a kid anymore and you are responsibly saving.

Why do you need to sign up for Students?

Glad you asked. Because you deserve to shop and bask in the joy of retail therapy as much as the woman next door.