Self-quarantine and staying indoors must be suffocating by now. Even though it is a conscious choice we are making, we definitely wish things were easier. But instead of focusing on the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of times like these, you might as well use it to do something productive. Out of the various optimistic ways you can pass time during quarantine, here’s how to redecorate your space to make it look new would be a really good idea.

As it is, change is always good every now and then. More than ever, it is right now that your house needs exciting redecoration and new developments. presents to you ideas and 5 not-so-huge items that can help give your space a new feel.

Why redecorate?

Quarantine home decor

It’s monotonous and boring to look at the same thing 24/7. Change doesn’t always mean extravagant alterations and major renovations. Even minor changes and small details can make major differences if you know how and where you should make them. Adding or removing certain home decor products can literally change the entire ambiance of your home in ways you might not even have imagined. This generates positive energy and instantly helps boost your mood, especially during a time like this when you are having to spend 99% of your time indoors. Well, that 1% might be just going out to your balcony!

Please remember to declutter and organize your stuff at home before you add any more of these items. Only adding items may create more clutter and make the rooms look messier. Here are some amazing ways to organize your space and declutter your mind. You can also use these ideas to revamp your bedroom during this quarantine period.

We have carefully hand-picked these 5 products from AliExpress to help you redo your quarantined space. Follow our steps on how to redecorate your space and turn it into something different.

How to redecorate your space

1. Give life to spaces with artworks

Quarantine decor

An oversized painting or piece of artwork can create wonders for your room. It complements the decor of your room while being the center of attraction. Besides, with wall art, you have the liberty to hang whatever you please. It does not have to match the colors of your drapes, sofa or rugs. It is a piece of decoration complete in itself. Our pick is this beautiful Gold Feather Acrylic-on-Canvas painting. You can either hang a single piece in order to draw focus on the artwork or create your own gallery with several artworks that you like.

2. Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Quarantine decor

Mirrors create an illusion of space and depth and this really helps make a small room feel bigger — just what you need when the walls feel like they’re caving in with each passing day. Also, mirrors reflect light and make the room instantly brighter and better provided you hang them opposite to a source of light. We’ve picked out this simple yet elegant vintage-looking mirror that would look perfect on your wall. Just like your artwork, you can also use several mirrors at once to create your own mirrored gallery wall. Pick yours from this collection of mirrors.

3. Install shelves for utility and beauty

Quarantine decor

The next step on how to redecorate your space is optional. However, something as simple as a wall shelf can instantly enhance the beauty of your otherwise boring walls. Install shelves on your empty walls and decorate it with candles, photo frames and other interesting items to add that zing. You can also decorate it with items that perfectly reflect your style statement. Our choice would be this cool Geometric-Shaped Wall Shelf for your living room which could also serve the purpose of an organizer storage holder for your bedroom. Hang just one or in clusters (in the picture above) for an artistic appeal.

4. Shades and blinds to welcome summer

Quarantine decor

Well, summer is approaching and this means the sunlight is getting harsher day by day. Shades and blinds serve a good purpose in keeping the harsh rays out. But these window furnishings are often overlooked as a part of home decor. If looked at with a little more attention, different window coverings can have different impacts on the feel of a room. The color, type of material used and even composition can change the ambiance of a room. Our pick would be these Light-Coloured Roller Shades which keep the harsh sunlight from entering the room while letting in some warm natural light. You can also check out a number of other varieties from this collection of shades, shutters, and blinds.

5. Hanging decorations for a 3D escape

Quarantine decor

If paintings and mirrors are too 2D for you, you can opt for something more exciting with hanging decorations. Injecting style to your walls automatically gives life to your space. If you opt for this kind, keep the rest of your decoration subtle and minimalistic. You don’t want your room to look too loud. You can mix and match your favorite pieces and display them for a simple yet classy look. Our pick would be this Three-Dimensional Wrought Iron Wall Hanging Decoration Piece to add that 3D effect to your wall.

We hope these ideas on how to redecorate your space give it a refreshing look. Also, your home decor arrangement with these items will definitely add some spice to your quarantined life.