You don’t have to settle with the itsy bitsy when you can hit the beaches with your trendy modest swimwear collection.

After thorough sterilization and maintaining guidelines, Abu Dhabi’s Department of Municipality and Transportation (DMT) announced the opening of some parks and beaches from July 3.

Hudayriat Beach, Corniche Beach, and Al Mirfa Beach reopened to the public. With strict guidelines and procedures to be followed, for your safety and the ones around you.

Regulations and guidelines on the beach

Beach essentials

We understand that you must be excited and already planning en route for the beach. Before that, there are things you should know.

Certain rules and guidelines are put in place, which authorities will expect you to follow. According to DMT, any visitors who do not comply with the regulations will be charged with fines and penalties.

  1. The face mask is compulsory.
  2. There will be no showers available.
  3. Gloves are compulsory.
  4. The ground markings are to ensure social distancing. You are required to maintain it.
  5. Individual visitors will be spaced in rows at a minimum of 2.5m.
  6. Couples will be placed in pairs with a minimum of 1m between them and a minimum of 2.5m intervals from others.

Modest swimwear: Why choose and where to find it?

Modest swimwear

First of all, we know it is already hard to find the proper beach outfit. On top of that, trying to find modest swimwear which is fashionable, can surely be a headache.

Well, we found the solution, but more of that in a minute. We would first like to tell you the little perks that come with choosing modest swimwear because it’s more than just covering up.

Why choose modest swimwear?

Most of us don’t like to show off too much skin, it’s true and it’s okay. That’s a good reason but not the only reason you should opt for modest swimwear.

  1. Protection from the sun: A SPF swimwear that covers up your arms and legs can save you from the harmful rays of the sun.
  2. Hassle-free and a time saver: How many times in a day will you worry about your straps not holding up? With the right choice of swimwear, you can relax on the beach with no tension.
  3. No worries about the sunscreen: Now you don’t have to worry about applying and reapplying sunscreen throughout the day.
  4. Protective clothing for extreme sport: Avoid rashes, bruises, and burns with the proper clothing while attempting extreme water sports.

Where to find the most trendy and stylish modest swimwear?

We told you, we found the perfect solution for your modest swimwear hunt, Vogacloset! They give the beachwear you desire. always has exciting deals for you, and today is no different. You can save 15% off all your orders from this store by using the Vogacloset coupon code, “BXB22”.

Modest swimwear collection of Vogacloset

Modest fashion is the new fashion phenomenon, and with a large scale influence on fashion, it has traveled to the swimwear section too. Have you ever heard of a Burkini, the literal epitome of modest fashion? It was made famous when Halima Aden wore it to her Miss Minnesota USA pageant or the time France had actually banned it.

There is no denying that modest swimwear is versatile, and now we add style and glamour to it with Vogacloset.

1. Let’s start with the one piece

One piece modest swimwear

A one-piece swimsuit is a practical approach towards the modest swimwear concept. You don’t have to worry about your straps falling off during your swim. The swimsuit protects your skin against salty water. You can even match it with your favorite shorts, skirts, or a sarong.

Price: AED 400

2. Add kimonos as cover-ups

Stylish modest swimwear

Beach kimonos are the chic option when it comes to cover-ups for the beach. You can avoid sunburns and add up to that beachy look of yours.

Price: AED 68

3. A sarong is needed!

Modest swimwear

Nah! It’s not just for wrapping around your waist. You can replace it with a heavy towel while going to the beach. It makes the perfect place to lie down or you can use it for sun protection as well.

4. Try out some trousers

Modest swimwear from Vogacloset

If you feel too bare, you can always add on some lightweight beach trousers. Pretty little things feature this wide-leg fit with an orange big leaf print to take your look to the next level.

Price: AED 82

5. Throw on a shirt

Stylish and cheap modest swimwear

This gorgeous lilac oversized beach shirt will work the pastel tones of your beach look. The oversized design has a button fastening and it is light enough to wear through a swim.

Price: AED 122

A trip to the beach after this long lockdown period sounds like a dream come true. You are delighted, but do remember to get the beach essentials ready along with the cutest modest swimwear.