The lethal Dubai summer has every individual gasping for cool air. While some have taken refuge in the Mediterranean and the Far East for an exotic summer getaway, some are confined in the house, with only an air conditioner to help beat the heat.

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How to stay cool in the summer

Sheet preferences

How to keep cool during summers

With over 50% off on bedsheets, use the offer to get yourself a sheet in light cool colors, so that the sunlight is reflected rather than absorbed. We suggest blue, white, green and beige. Opt for sheets made out of natural fibers such as cotton and linen as the fabric helps soak the moisture off the body, thus making it cool.

Light-absorbing curtains or blinds

How to keep cool during summers

In stark contrast to light bed sheets, get yourself dark, light-absorbing curtains so that the sunlight is blocked to a good degree. Or if light curtains are more suited to your aesthetics, you can purchase a set of blackout shades that can be slipped behind your drapes.

Indoor Plants

How to keep cool during summers

Another trick to keep your home cool in summer is to plant trees and greens in and around your home area. It doesn’t have to be on a massive scale, even a small indoor plant such as Aloe Vera or other low-maintenance indoor plants can help make a major difference. You can invest in low maintenance houseplants from Plant Shop to aid you in this.


How to keep cool during summers

Well, heat is something but heat plus humidity? No thank you! The combo is going to make living unbearable. Sweating is the most natural way to deal with heat. But how is that going to be possible if there’s already so much moisture in the air? That’s not going to let your body release its sweat, making you feel hotter.

In order to avoid this, you need to get a dehumidifier. Besides, air dehumidifiers have more benefits than just reducing the level of humidity in the air. Check out the best dehumidifiers and pick which one suits your needs best!

No-heat lights

How to keep cool during summers

These environment-friendly lights have so many advantages over incandescent bulbs. Not only is the electricity consumption lesser, cheaper and effective, but LED lights don’t produce heat through carbon emission like that of incandescent bulbs. This relatively reduces the overall temperature making it cooler throughout.

Insulated window films

How to keep cool during summers

Insulated window films block radiant heat flow, and keep hot air out in the summer making it much cooler on the insides. This is really beneficial in houses that have older or inexpensive windows and not very efficient in blocking heat or UV rays. Check out this range of insulated window films.

Use large appliances at night

How to keep cool during summers

The usage of large appliances gives off significant amounts of heat. So if you want to bake, do your laundry or do anything that requires the use of large appliances, do it at night. This way, you will be able to maintain a relatively cooler temperature during the daytime when the heat is at its maximum.

Minimalist decor and furniture

How to keep cool during summers

If you have noticed, a heavily adorned and cramped room is way hotter than the rest of the house. That is because the air circulation is inconsistent and the way to avoid that is to get smart storage. Declutter your house with strategic placing of closets and drawers. Try minimalist living, spend wisely and remain cool throughout the season.

More tricks

How to keep cool during summers

Here’s another way to make the air indoors cooler. Place some ice cubes in a bowl or an ice pack in front of a table fan when in use. This creates an effect of a faux sea breeze that’ll eventually cool down the entire area. There you go— your own little AC that’s not a real AC!

Keeping yourself cool is a top priority

How to keep cool during summers

If your body is not cool from the inside, you will still feel hot no matter what external measures you use. So the most important part of keeping cool during the hot season is to keep yourself hydrated and also opt for cooler and breezier clothing materials. Check out these summer coolers to stay cool and fresh all day long.

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