Outdoor furniture and garden accessories that you should have

A lot of people are taking to staying home because of the coronavirus scare. But staying in all the time can get super boring. So how about turning your stay-in-all-day experience into something that’s fun and fruitful too? You can either indulge in these ways to stay positive during the coronavirus pandemic or you could use this time to revamp your house — indoors and outdoors. Starting on the outside, if the exteriors of your house have been vacant for a while, now is the time to add these items to it and make it a go-to spot at your place.

VoucherCodes.ae presents to you items you can use to do up your garden or patio. Amazon Codes and noon.com coupons have a wide range of such garden furniture and essentials that you could choose from.

How to select your garden furniture?

Outdoor furniture

Garden Decor, Pinterest

Before starting up with any place, you need to have the basics straight. You wouldn’t want too much or too little. Balance is key and in order to keep the decor clean, neat, and uncluttered, you need to prioritize what is important and what is not. Keeping it minimalistic is a good idea but you don’t want the decor to look too sparse either. Also, the size of the components should be proportionate. The size of your landscape and the items in it should all be well-balanced. You wouldn’t want tiny furniture in a huge garden and vice versa. Therefore, you need to choose your items depending on the size of your garden. Here are the best garden furniture choices from Amazon and Noon.

A pretty little table and chairs for an English garden vibe

Garden accessories

6-piece table & chair set, noon.com

This is the backbone of the garden/ patio furniture. This kind of furniture is designed specifically for outdoor use. They are usually made of materials like plastic, aluminum (since it is durable and rust-proof) as well as other such weather-resistant materials. A good set of outdoor furniture literally allows your indoor rooms to move outside. It brings comfort and function to your garden or patio. This set of 6 piece furniture is perfect for your home. It has been crafted in weather-resistant fabric for durability and the smooth texture of the material provides comfort and good support. Available on noon.com for AED 1104.

LED umbrella lights for the perpetual summer glow

Patio furniture

Garden Umbrella, Amazon.ae

Umbrellas aren’t just for protection during rainy days. They are an essential part of a garden to keep you cool during hot summer days. Also, they keep the sun and moisture off your garden furniture. This patio/garden umbrella is ideal for both residential and commercial locations. The unique feature about this umbrella is the fact that it can be used both during the daytime as well as at the night. It consists of 18 built-in solar-powered LED lights — 3 on each rib with solar panels that can run for 6-7 hours. Thus, you have both in one— shade during the daytime and an overhead lamp in the dark. Available on Amazon.ae for AED 180.

Hammock for the most amazing slumber

Best patio furniture

Outdoor Hammock, Amazon.ae

Besides the basic outdoor furniture, you can even keep swings and hammocks outside— as decoration pieces or to relax on them. Sleeping on a hammock is said to be one of the best cures for insomnia and it can even alleviate back pain when used in the proper position. Due to their swaying motion, hammocks allow the user to not only fall asleep faster but also relax into a deeper sleep. Studies have shown that it can also lower blood pressure and reduce stress levels in the body. Get this outdoor portable hammock made of high-quality breathable cotton from amazon.ae. Price AED 65.

Swing for the thrill

Best garden furniture

3-seater Swing, noon.com

Garden swings are another piece of you-may-say a piece of essential patio furniture. Sitting outside on swings can make you feel relaxed after all the time you spend inside the house. Also, a change of scenery and environment is definitely good for you. Nothing can feel as refreshing as being surrounded by nature and a breath of fresh air. Besides health benefits, another really good reason to keep swings in your garden or patio is attention. They look so stylish and beautiful and totally complement your decor. Get this 3-seater garden swing from noon.com for AED 702. It is made of weather-resistant fabric for long-term use.

Cooler box to always keep cool

Best outdoor furniture

Cooler Set, noon.com

This is an absolute essential for keeping perishable items or beverages fresh and cool for a long time. You wouldn’t want your beverages to lose their chill soon, do you? Or have yourself run into the house every time you need something from the refrigerator. Hence, cooler boxes to your rescue! Get this 3-piece cooler set from noon.com for AED 250 to keep all your refreshments intact. It is scratch and impact resistant and has a deep-set design enough to hold even large soda bottles upright.

Furniture cover to save it from the weather

Best garden accessories

Furniture Cover, Amazon.ae

Although outdoor furniture is usually made of weather-resistant material, it is still better to take care of it for more durability. Continuous exposure to rain and sunshine causes the furniture to lose its durability. Also, a good covering will keep moisture and debris off the surfaces as well as the cushions. This simple, layer of protection doesn’t require much effort but it sure helps keep your furniture looking fresh and new, thus, adding years to your investment. A waterproof outdoor furniture cover is just what you need to keep your garden essentials safe. Its waterproof design and durable material help protect against damage caused by wind, rain, dust, moisture, and more. It is available on amazon.ae for AED 59.

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