You are working hard to keep your house in order but are you being smart enough? With the introduction of far-reaching technologies, life has become so much easier than it ever was. However, there are things that technologies can never replace, say a recipe from your mother, but that doesn’t mean the tools required will stay the same. Blenders and mixers have already replaced the traditional mortar and pestle because it is time-efficient, and all of us are, admittedly, in a rush.

So to make life easier, especially in the kitchen, there are these remarkable smart hack appliances from noon bound to revolutionize your experience.

Smart kitchen tools that will change your life

12-piece vegetable and fruit cutter set

smart kitchen tools

Fruit and vegetable cutters are not unknown to the kitchen, but did you know there’s an all-in-one multipurpose chopper to help you effortlessly cut your veggies? From a grater to a peeler and a slicer, the set exists to give you perfectly sliced ingredients. It not only saves the time you would otherwise spend on cutting the items, but also economizes your cooking time, as vegetables are diced even, and cooking time is comparatively reduced. A perfect start to a good meal.

The cutter set is available in the market for AED 35 while Noon is giving 62% off. Added to that, the Noon code gives 10% off on all products.

Spray mop

kitchen tools

Mopping is a tiresome task. Imagine the process of filling a bucket, adding the right cleaning agent, soaking a rag, and scrubbing the floor. Many omit mopping from the daily chores routine and we cannot blame anyone for it. The introduction of a spray mop is a game-changer on so many levels.  First of all, it’s economical, since you don’t need a bucket and a mop. A spray mop consists of a bottle to fill and you can sprinkle water on the required surface just by pulling a trigger. It is efficient for anyone who wants to effectively clean the house but is always on the go.

Smart G’s Spray Mop is available at Noon at 75% off, and gives another 10% discount with Noon Codes


Smart sensor trash cans

kitchen tools smart

Time for you to make smart choices because now, even dustbins are smart. Sensor trash cans are not like any ordinary bins, it is equipped to handle waste better. As soon as the lid senses a human presence, it automatically opens allowing the person to dispose of the waste without touching it. Additional features include odor management of the bins to avoid flies and insects, and an automatic replacement of the garbage bag.

Mostly made of stainless steel, has a collection of smart dustbins to choose from. Noon discount codes from are applicable.

Garlic peeler

tools useful in kitchen

Hate peeling garlic? Of course, it takes forever and takes a toll on fingernails. But with the introduction of a smart garlic peeler, peeling is a fun activity. Designed to take the skin off of garlic cloves, a garlic peeler is a tube where cloves can be inserted. A moderate palm pressure is to be applied to rub the skin off the garlic.

It is as cheap as AED 4.60 for a 13.5 x 3.5 cm.

Plastic sealer

kitchen gadgets

Must buy for every household. Portable and handy plastic sealers are major lifesavers. It seals all plastic food items airtight and ensures the freshness of the food is secured. It seals as if you never opened it in the first place. Plastic food sealer starts as low as AED 2.85 and can go up to AED 399 depending on functions and durability.

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