With the festive season upon us, shopping gets to another level of excitement, chaos, and obviously, expensive. We’re always here to your rescue and this time, we thought about finding some items you can use not just for one but for all festivals. And we did! Introducing you to festive ornaments that can be used for every festival.

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Must-have Festive Decorations for all occasions

Decorations are always number one on the list of festive products. We chose the following staple decorations that can be used for any occasion from AliExpress. You can find anything and everything. Along with that, the 11.11 sale will be the right time to buy things in bulk. You can use the code “ali020” to get up to 80% on the 11.11 sale and an extra $4 off.

Fairy Lights

festive products - Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a pretty and basic element to add to festive decorations. Every festival needs that string of lights and they make an amazing photo accessory as well. You can even use it around the house on a daily basis too, just because of the magical and pretty aura. Name on a festival where lights are out of place? None!

Price: AED 12.12 – 12.86. Buy it here.

Paper Garlands

festive decorations - Paper Garlands

Festive paper garland is a good choice for the environment as well. You can use it for a long period of time and is quite easy to dispose of too. There is a huge selection of paper garland you can use according to your aesthetics!

Price: AED 8.71 – 10.47. Buy it here.

Paper Garlands

festive decor - Paper Garlands

Paper Lanterns

Decorate your backyard or hang it from the ceiling. Paper lanterns have a calming and peaceful vibe that will obviously cheer you up! It is the quiet festive decorations meant for the minimal planner.

Price: AED 4.78. Buy it here.


Balloons festive decorations

There ain’t no party without Balloons. Look classy and expensive with a proper balloon arrangement instead of a mismatched one. Meanwhile, you can find a range of aesthetically pleasing balloon arrangements to choose from! We all love a good pop of color, don’t you?

Price: AED AED 2.98 – 11.75. Buy it here.

Light Curtains

Light Curtains - Festive decorations

Light curtains are excellent festive decorations for a photo booth corner. You need to show off that OOTD and bomb makeup and have a picture for the feed. Light curtains also immediately scream festive and the theme will perfectly match the mood! Add on other décor items and make it the festive corner of your house!

Price: AED 31.22 – 117.40, Buy it here.

 Serveware – ideas for festive products

Chateau Acacia Wood Serveware Collection

festive decorations - Chateau Acacia Wood Serveware Collection

When food comes out on the table, that’s where the festivities start. Why don’t you do it in a stylish manner? Look at the festive serveware collection from Pottery Barn. Use the code “A838” to get 15% off sitewide. The Chateau Acacia Wood Serveware Collection is the perfect example of an evergreen serving set. You can use them on every occasion and they will just be perfect.

Price: AED 185. Buy it here.

Emma Beaded Serveware Collection

festive collection - Emma Beaded Serveware Collection

If you are someone who loves a minimal touch according to your style, Emma Beaded Serveware Collection is your pick. A whole serving set including tea time serving set. It is beautiful enough to be taken out only for special occasions and also, casual enough to use on a daily basis. Let’s just say it is a unique setting to own!

Price: AED 80.00. Buy it here

Festive décor

Festive products should always have vibrant and colorful décor items for your house. Statement pieces add a touch of sophistication and style to the household. Let’s wow your guests, Shall we? Home Box is our first choice for home and garden supplies. Subscribe now and you can get 2 weeks of premium membership free!

Festive decorations - Festive décor

Samarkand 2-Tier Metal Lotus Leaf Tray

Want to catch the attention of your guests? This two-tier leaf tray will just do that! Hand-painted to perfection and a matte finish to the tray appeals to the eyes. Not only that, you can even use it as a candle holder or decorate it with a real or artificial flower to give a festive look.

Price: AED 79. Buy it here.

You can find amazing festive products as well as other festive items from Home Box. Moreover, you can look for furnishing from dining to the bath. Look out for the mirrors and best buy sections!

Enjoy each festival full of laughter and smiles. Give time to your family, talk around the table and remember to click a lot of photos! Memories are priceless. Keep in touch with us and find out about the latest deals and discounts. Save more, shop more!

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