Eid al-Fitr this year is starting on April 9 and adding on the evening on April 10. The preparations for the celebration are definitely in the air. After fasting and praying during the Holy Month of Ramadan, every family member is ready to celebrate the festival of Eid. Apart from delicious delights around the table, the one thing everyone looks forward to are Eid gifts and Eidis.

VoucherCodes.ae presents some thoughtful gifts you can grant your husband. With the exclusive coupons, this shopping spree is going to be lighter for your pocket.

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How to figure out the Eid gift for him?

  • Be creative: Don’t give him the same boring stuff that he already has. Like a handkerchief or a tie, he probably has a million of them now. He may use them, but they will hardly come off as Eid gifts for your husband.
  • Don’t go overboard: Keep your mind on the budget. Avoid giving your man a cold sweat over the price tag. There is a hoard of Eidi packets for the younger ones of the family, and other gifts to take care of.
  • Find the passion: Find the thing he is most passionate about. Whether he is into painting, gadgets, or body fitness. A thoughtful gift to add flame to his passion can prove to be one of the best Eid gifts for your husband.
  • Traditional or modern: Understand his style. Is he a trendy person or an old-fashion one? If he’s both, you can find Eid gifts for your husband that appeal to both of his sides.

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Eid gift ideas for your husband

Now you know what to keep in mind while looking for Eid gifts for your husband. Now, if you’re still a little confused, let’s get some ideas going on.

black smart watch

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Price: AED 116

A watch can be a style statement as well as a practical gadget. The technology is merging with this daily use gadget, and you can now get a smartwatch with amazing features. You can use the Amazon code to get 10% off Eid Sale.

This Huawei SmartWatch from Amazon is one of the perfect Eid gifts for him. It has a positioning function, a timely reminder, a high-definition screen, screen monitoring, and even the exercise step.


UV Rays will not obey lockdown, so help your man protect his eyes from these harmful rays. When this lockdown gets over, you have got a vacation due, so why not get some basic sunglasses from Eyewa.

Sunglasses - a perfect eid gift idea for husband

You can get a big discount on your order if you use our discount code at the checkout. A pair of sunglasses with a promise of a vacation sounds like the perfect Eid gift for him!

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Traditional Eid gifts for men

Prayer Rugs

Faith and purity are the basis of prayers, and a prayer rug is the base of the janeemaz. Here is one of the finest beautiful velvety blue traditional Islamic prayer rugs from Amazon. 

Traditional eid gifts for men

Traditional Islamic prayer rug

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Price: AED 27.00

This Prayer carpet with the textured design is made up of premium quality fabric and non-slip latex bottom. It will be a thoughtful Eid gift for him.

Prayer beads

The prayer beads are an integral part of the prayers. Helping in greater attention in the prayers, with minimal conscious effort. Therefore, the prayer beads are the Eid gifts for men that will help them elevate their praying ritual.

prayer bead as a Eid gift for him

Genuine tiger eye beads

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Price: AED 45.00

We have found these Genuine Tiger Eye Prayer beads hand-made by artisans following centuries-old jewelry-making traditions. Tiger’s Eye has the grounding energy of the earth but is embellished with glowing warmth. This stone is perfect for your man.

Grooming kit

A well-groomed beard is grown with care and worn with pride. Give your husband the care essentials for his beard. Use the time of quarantine to groom his bread.

eid gifts for guys - Beard Grooming kit

Beard Grooming kit, Amazon

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Price: AED 109.00

We have the beard Grooming kit from Amazon filled with great quality products as Eid gifts for your husband. Here are our other recommendations for the best grooming kit.

Gift cards

Eid gift cards for men

If you are still confused about the options, we have the best solution. Let him buy his gifts himself. Get an e-gift card as your Eid gift for him. Having doubts? Here are 10 reasons why gift cards are the best gifts!

You can personalize gift cards as Eid gifts for guys. Al giftcards is the best and guaranteed gift card site, and it gives you the best gift cards around MENA. Do check it out.


We wish you a peaceful and happy Eid. Make memories with your family and enjoy the time together during this quarantine. The ideal gifts for Ramadan are the best ways to show appreciation for each other. Here are the best gift ideas for her.

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