Exercising regularly has always been great for your body, but not so good for your wallet. If you’re paying for a gym membership or fitness classes, these costs can add up quickly. Of course, you can create a home gym, but that also requires cash. Let’s be real: Nobody needs Concussion Weights or Abdominal Belts. If you’re serious about getting in shape from the comfort of your own home, choose time-tested and affordable all-purpose workout products with us.

It doesn’t take much to get in shape, as long as you commit to doing it. Just a few pieces of equipment from the list by VoucherCodes.ae given below can help you get started with your own home workout plan and they may be all you need to lose weight and sculpt the body you desire. Also, check out crazy deals and discounts to save big on your favorite brands this season!

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10 Fitness equipment under AED 50

Here’s a curated list of 10 fitness equipment from Amazon.ae to help you fulfill your 2022 workout resolution. Get verified deals and discount codes on Amazon to save huge on your fave products!

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1. Stability ball

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Stability balls became popular in the late 90s and there are no signs that they will go out of fashion anytime soon. Although best known as a tool for abdominal exercises, you can do a full-body workout using just one ball. Balance your calves on the ball as you do a series of push-ups, or place the ball between your back and the wall to make the wall squat even more difficult.

You can even use the ball as a bench by lying on your back and using your feet for balance. From this position, you can do anything from dumbbell chest presses to triceps extensions.

Price: AED 47.00

2. Jump rope

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If you haven’t jumped rope since elementary school, you’re in for a surprise. Jump ropes usually cost less than AED 50 and offer a great cardio workout you can do almost anywhere. Just don’t expect to finish a 30-minute routine right away – jumping rope is hard work, so use yours for interval training, alternating between one minute of jumping and one minute of rest.

Price: AED 29.99

3. Dumbbells

A pair of purple Vinyl dumbbells

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Dumbbells are easy to incorporate into practically any workout and when used properly they help build total-body strength. Dumbbell pricing varies greatly by brand, style, and weight, so shop around and test out a few brands before you buy.

It’s a good idea to start with at least three to five sets of dumbbells that weigh between 5 and 30 pounds. A single 10-pound dumbbell can cost below AED 50.

Price: AED 29.00

4. Resistance bands

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When you’re on a budget, resistance bands are the best way to go ahead. It is light, flexible, and easy to store. They allow you to increase the resistance of almost any exercise, whether it’s a side slide, biceps curl, or a seated move. If you’re in rehab or just starting a weight training program, resistance bands are also excellent tools. You can get a full workout using nothing but bands. Get the light, medium, and heavy resistors for around AED 25.

Price: AED 31.98

5. Yoga mat

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A yoga mat isn’t a fitness machine like the other products on this list, but it’s still an essential purchase. For under AED 50, you can get a high-quality mat to provide cushioning while doing yoga, stretching, or abdominal exercises. The mats are also great for doing your workout outside, allowing you to do push-ups, planks, and lunges without worrying about sticks or stones.

Price: AED 29.90

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6. Foam roller

Light Green Yoga Foam Roller

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This is a cylinder made of a cylinder, take a wild guess (and keep your dog away from it as it can be an excellent chew toy). Usually, you will sit or lie down and put it under your legs, and roll a little on it. Fitness experts say it can be great for stretching and relieving muscle soreness.

Price: AED 39.00

7. Medicine ball

red medicine ball

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Usually, the size of a soccer ball or basketball, these weighted balls are usually made of vinyl and filled with gel. They tend to weigh between 2 pounds and 30 pounds and are used for a variety of reasons, from strengthening the core to increasing strength and balance. While some medicine balls are pricey, you can get discounts on 8-pound balls less than AED 50 right now at retailers like Amazon.

Price: AED 41.41

8. Exercise ball

Women working out using a blue Exercise Ball for Fitness

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There are many types of exercise balls. Slam balls are filled with sand. You can lift one over your head and crush it to the ground. If you do this enough, you’ll sweat. You throw wall balls against the wall; these tend to be heavy, almost like a soft soccer ball. Exercise balls are generally light and large—some are large enough that you can sit on them if you can keep your balance (and keeping your balance is a good way to develop the pelvic muscles and other core muscles).

Price: AED 45.99

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9. Pull-up bar

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Are you ready to make your homemade pull-up bar? Just plug several pipes together and suspend the assembly on a suitable load-bearing I-beam. Pull-ups are not child’s play. If you’re looking to push yourself to become a monster hammer, check out our 3-week plan to build the power to rise in the bar. There are loads of bonus points in these pipes – hey, that’s me, Mario!

Price: AED 47.99

10. Core sliders

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Sliders are small circular discs that you can use to strengthen your abs and glutes and also play an important role in your workout routine. Placing them under your hands and feet can allow you to glide between different exercises and movements as smooth as pulp-free orange juice.

Price: AED 25.09

You can make equipment to serve all your fitness routines. It just takes some time, money, and ingenuity. Want more offers and discounts on your favorite brands? Why not let the Bot do all the work? Download the Couponbot.com extension today and get effective codes and coupons that work for real!