There is nothing that a good telecom service can’t do. From connecting people to aiding social distancing, and managing human movement, a good telecom service is the way of the world. In UAE, there is only one question posed to telecom service providers; “which network should I get?” The answer varies among these top three network operators contenders: du, Etisalat, and Virgin Mobile UAE.

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Etisalat or du or Virgin Mobile? Which one is better?

While Etisalat is the oldest and reigning telecom service provider, du and Etisalat and its flagship, Virgin Mobile, are keeping up with the post-pandemic times. Let’s have a look at the table below to get a better look at the various plans offered by the telecom service providers in the United Arabs before coming to a conclusion.

duEtisalatVirgin Mobile UAE
Monthly Prepaid PlansYesYesYes
Monthly Postpaid PlansYesYesYes
Weekly Prepaid PlansYes--
Daily Prepaid PlansYes--
Voice + Data PlansYesYesYes
Data Only PlansYes--
Tourist PlansYesYesYes
SIM Delivery-YesYes
ContractNo contract on prepaid plans. Select postpaid plans with contract.No contract on prepaid plans. Select postpaid plans with contract.No contract on prepaid plans. Select postpaid plans with contract.


Future of mobile

Du vs Etisalat vs Virgin Mobile UAE

Virgin Mobile UAE is more youth-oriented with app-based registration for a SIM. This app-based telecom service provider allows user to design their own customized plans. Launched as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) or simply known as a virtual network, the Virgin Mobile UAE app is focused more on the young and individuals who are tech-savvy.

Services and perks:

  • The company allows you to choose a preferred number and even delivers the SIM card to your doorstep anywhere in the UAE.
  • Users have a choice over the minutes for calls and data according to their needs, making this option its Ultimate Selling Point. Making the deal even better, Virgin Mobile lets you change the plan every month until you find the one that suits you best.
  • More flexible than du and Etisalat, the Virgin Mobile UAE app lets you combine various bundles – making it easy on the pocket. It is also surprising that prepaid plans from Virgin Mobile also match the postpaid plans from the other two telecom service providers to some extent.
  • With the option to customize plans, flexibility to change plans to suit your needs, and fast and seamless service, Virgin Mobile UAE promises the “future of mobile.”

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The oldest and the most trusted

Etisalat vs du in UAE

The company set up in 1976 offers a wide array of home and mobile solutions, giving users various options before settling down with the plan of their choice. Etisalat’s robust connectivity across the country makes it stand out from the rest of the telecom service providers.

If you’re looking for something that’s light on the pocket, Etisalat network has some prepaid plans that can suit your requirements without being too heavy on the expenses. There are also options of add-ons on plans that you have chosen. This allows you to make a choice between spending more on data and lesser-priced voice call bundles as well as going in for a combined package that best suits your requirements.

Services and perks:

  • Abu Dhabi-headquartered Etisalat offers three choices for prepaid customers: Wasel, Wasel Premium, and Visitor options.
    The oldest telecom service provider in the United Arab Emirates combines plans in its prepaid packages such as; one day, one week, one month, local calling as well as global calling packages.
  • Not lagging behind, the company has also started offering free SIM delivery services. If you want to replace your existing prepaid SIM card with Etisalat’s, just register on the website and have the company home-deliver the SIM card via an authorized delivery agent.
  • The Wasel plan is the least priced of the three prepaid plans in Etisalat’s lineup. The Wasel Premium plans offer the pre-paid user a preferred number and a 3GB data pack each month for the initial six months. The final Visitor plan offers discount vouchers and a Careem ride as well.

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Strong network coverage

Du or Etisalat UAE

The other prominent telecom service provider in the UAE, du has registered a swift growth in a space dominated by Etisalat due to its flexible plans and by-the-second billing system. The company offers strong network coverage in the region, making it another enticing option.

Services and perks:

A quick look at plans on du’s website says it all. Depending on your choice, you can go ahead and click on the best plan to get started.

  • The company offers various monthly, weekly, and daily prepaid plans giving several choices for users.
  • It also has tourist plans with limited validity for those who are in UAE for a limited period or for those who would like to test the connectivity in their area.
  • For those who like to pay their bills at the end of the month, du has several postpaid plans to suit your needs.

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With all three telecom companies offering a 5G download speed, it couldn’t get any better. Almost all prepaid and postpaid plans carry an additional 5% VAT charge on top of the monthly prices quoted by the companies.

du vs Etisalat vs Virgin. The verdict took a survey and found out that while Etisalat reigns supreme, the young generation is more bound towards Virgin Mobile UAE, mainly because of the flexibility of the plans. They also claim telecom to be the “future” for keeping up with apps. However, it is best to check out the connectivity and network strength in your area. So choose what suits you best before committing to a contract.

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FAQs on the best telecom services in UAE

1. Which is the best mobile network in UAE?

Amongst the 3 telecom services in the UAE, Etisalat still has the best mobile network in the UAE, but du is not far behind and has equally great coverage while the young generation is seen to prefer Virgin Mobile more.

2. United Arab Emirates mobile:  Is du or Etisalat UAE  better?

Etisalat has been around for decades now. du is about 10-12 years old. Although du is catching up gradually, Etisalat still stands to be the better.

3. What are the telecom operators network providers in UAE?

  • Etisalat
  • du
  • advacomm
  • koohiji group
  • Krishna International
  • site technology
  • telephone system international

4. What services does Elisat Telecom provide?

Etisalat offers premium international services, enabling its customers to enjoy competitive international calling rates to all countries across the globe. Etisalat also provides high-speed Internet services, ADSL for homes, while launching fixed landline services to become the first fully digital operator.

5. What services does UAE telecom Du provide?

Du offers fixed telephony, mobile services as well as broadband connectivity, and IPTV services to individuals, homes, and businesses. The company also provides carrier services for businesses and satellite up/downlink services for TV broadcasters.