A gaming motherboard will typically include a processor that operates at high clock rates, high-quality capacitors, thicker, heftier copper wires, and premium sockets. These are required components for a gaming motherboard in order for it to handle heavy loads while avoiding overheating.

Even though CPUs and graphics cards receive more attention, selecting the best motherboard for gaming is an important step in your system build. Almost every component of your computer connects to the motherboard. The size of your PC case will be determined by its form factor (ATX, E-ATS, ITX, and so on). Furthermore, the socket and chipset on a board will limit the processors that can be installed. 

VoucherCodes.ae gives you a list of the best motherboard for gaming, so you can decide which will make the best base to build on.

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Does a motherboard make a difference in gaming?

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Motherboards don’t do anything specifically for gaming. Most PC components, such as the CPU, graphics card, and RAM, are installed on motherboards, which make a difference in gaming. A mainboard also allows all components to communicate and manages them. The entire system cannot be started if the motherboard fails.

Can you use any motherboard for gaming?

Any motherboard can be used for gaming, but lower-cost models have fewer component options than higher-end models. Motherboards have no effect on gaming performance because they allow all components to communicate with one another. Because they provide the power to run games on your PC, the graphics card, RAM, and processor have the greatest impact on gaming performance.

Best motherboard for gaming in 2022 

1. GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7

GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 Motherboard

Price: AED 2,999

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GIGABYTE’s flagship Z370 motherboard is designed for gamers looking for the best performance possible from their ultimate gaming machine. AORUS Z370 motherboards feature an all-digital CPU power design that delivers power to the motherboard’s most power-hungry and energy-sensitive components with incredible precision. AORUS AMP-UP audio features an ESS SABRE DAC, which turns your motherboard into a high-end sound system with dynamic range and pure yet powerful sound.

Triple PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 enables enthusiasts to maximize the performance of the systems. The M.2 Thermal Guard helps to reduce and dissipate heat before it becomes an issue, preventing throttling and bottlenecks from M.2 devices. 


  • Supports 8th Gen Intel CPU
  • Server-Class Digital Power Design
  • ESS Sabre DAC Audio
  • Dual Channel DDR4
  • Front USB 3.1 Type C
  • Triple M.2 with Thermal Guard
  • Smart Fan 5 Cooling
  • RGB Fusion Lighting
  • Multi-Way Graphics Support
  • Ultra Durable Armor

Take advantage of built-in advanced performance tuning features such as Turbo B-Clock. AORUS also ensures proper compatibility with DDR4 XMP profiles up to and including 4133MHz.

2. Asus Rog Strix Z690 E Gaming Wifi Intel Z690 Lga 1700

Asus Rog Strix Z690 E Black Gaming Motherboard with Wifi

Price: AED 2385.69

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ROG Strix Z690-E Gaming WiFi puts 12th Gen Intel Core processors front and center. It has improved power delivery, cooling, cutting-edge connectivity options, and a slew of accessories that effortlessly propel builds to peak performance. This flagship series is your ticket to next-level gaming.


  • 18+1 power stages with 8+8 ProCool II power connectors, high-quality alloy chokes, and long-lasting capacitors support multi-core processors.
  • Thermal Design Optimization: Integrated I/O cover and VRM heatsinks with high conductivity thermal pad, L-shaped Heatpipe, PCIe 5.0 M.2 Combo-sink, and M.2 heatsinks for two M.2 slots
  • Networking with high performance: Intel WiFi 6E (802.11ax) on-board and Intel 2.5 Gb Ethernet with ASUS LANGuard
  • The best gaming connectivity: Supports HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 outputs, as well as five M.2 slots and USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type-C.
  • ASUS-exclusive AI Overclocking, AI Cooling, AI Networking, and Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation simplify setup and improve performance.

3. Asus Rog Strix Z690-A gaming Wifi D4

best motherboard for gaming

Price: AED 1414.11

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To meet the demands of powerful 12th Generation Intel Core processors, the ASUS ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4 scheme motherboard is designed with increased power delivery and optimized cooling. ROG Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4 comes equipped with Wi-Fi 6 and PCI Express 5.0 for lightning-fast transfer speeds and storage.


  • Intel LGA 1700 socket. Ready for 12th Gen Intel Core processors, support PCIe 5.0, and Windows 11 ready.
  • 16+1 DrMos with ProCool II power connector, high-quality alloy chokes, and long-lasting capacitors support multi-core processors.
  • Thermal Design Optimization: Four onboard M.2 heatsinks and an M.2 backplate for the M.2 1 slot, as well as an integrated I/O cover. VRM heatsink with a high conductivity thermal pad.
  • Outstanding performance Networking: Intel WiFi 6 802.11ax and Intel 2.5 Gb Ethernet with ASUS LANGuard on board.
  • The best gaming connectivity supports HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 output, as well as four M.2 slots and USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 Type C.

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MSI MEG Z690 UNIFY Gaming Motherboard

Price: AED 2381

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MEG series seeks to transcend current gaming products, with the flagship model designed to push the limits of what an extreme gaming series can be. By combining the strengths of the existing arsenal with new innovative technology, they have significantly improved operational and gaming efficiency. Take complete control of performance and personalization with the MEG series, the ultimate gaming series for enthusiasts who want it all.


  • Supports 12th Generation Intel Core / Pentium Celeron processors for the LGA 1700 socket, DDR5 Memory, Dual Channel DDR5-6666+MHz (OC)
  • The latest DDR5 memory represents a significant step forward in DDR performance. It is ready to deliver world-class memory performance when combined with a dedicated SMT welding process and MSI Memory Boost technology.
  • M.2 Quintuple Connectors: With a quad Lightning Gen 4 solution, there are 5x M.2 connectors onboard for maximum storage performance.
  • The double-sided Shield Frozr design protects M.2 SSDs while preventing throttling and allowing them to run faster.
  • Premium digital PWM, direct 19+2 phases with 105A Smart Power Stage, Titanium Choke III, and dual CPU power connectors deliver extreme power to your processors.
  • Excellent Cooling Solution: Aluminum Cover, VRM Heat-pipe, 7W/mK thermal pads, Double-sided M.2 Shield Frozr, and Aluminum Backplate ensure extreme performance while keeping temperatures low.

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5. Asus Rog Strix X570-E Gaming Wifi II

best motherboard for gaming

Price: AED 1608.11

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The ROG Strix X570-E Gaming WiFi II motherboard provides the classic ROG experience. It’s packed with features like new passive chipset cooling, WiFi 6E, improved overclocking and audio performance, and DIY-friendly conveniences for both seasoned builders and beginners. The Strix X570-E Gaming WiFi II motherboard has everything you need to build a formidable gaming rig that stands out from the crowd, thanks to futuristic aesthetics and onboard RGB illumination.


  • AMD AM4 socket: Ready for AMD Ryzen 5000 Series, 5000 G-Series, 4000 G-Series, 3000 Series, 3000 G-Series, 2000 Series, and 2000 G-Series desktop processors. Supports up to two M.2 drives and includes USB 3.2 Gen 2 and AMD StoreMI for enhanced connectivity and speed.
  • 12+4 power stages with ProCool II power connector, alloy chokes, and long-lasting capacitors support multi-core processors.
  • Passive chipset heatsink, VRM heatsink with 8 mm Heatpipe, dual onboard M.2 heatsinks, and a water pump header provide comprehensive cooling.
  • High-Performance Networking: 2.5 Gbps LAN and Intel Gigabit Ethernet with ASUS LANGuard, WiFi 6E (802.11ax) with MU-MIMO, and GameFirst V gateway teaming.
  • Supports PCIe 4.0, HDMI 2.0, and DisplayPort 1.2, as well as dual M.2, USB 3.2 Type-A, and USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C connectors.

If you’re not sure which laptop to look for when selecting the best gaming motherboard, you can use our laptop buying guide for gamers to help narrow down your options.

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