Crying delicious cakes: eat me! How can you resist? Treat yourself to a tour of Dubai’s best cakes, pastries, and cupcakes. Speaking of the best patisseries and home bakerys in Dubai, you have options… lots of options. That’s because the suburbs are brimming with talented pastry chefs who will love nothing more than satiating your sweet tooth.

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 Must-Try Cakes at Dubai’s Best Cake Shops:

Cake muffins and pastry on the bakery shelves

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If you’re craving a cake and looking for the best cake shops,  then this article will take a look at some of the top-rated cake shops in Dubai. You can also have them delivered right to you.

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Sugaholic Bakeshop

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Rated as one of the best patisseries in Dubai, Sugaholic specializes in making exquisite custom cakes, cupcakes, banana pudding, velvet cakes, pies, and other dark chocolate-baked desserts.

Since opening its doors in 2012, Sugaholic has quickly grown from a home-based business to an award-winning patisserie that has entered Guinness world records for baking the world’s tallest cupcake tower. Using only the best ingredients, their cakes not only look beautiful but also taste great. Made with the finest Belgian Chocolate, Chocolate Ganache is one of their bestsellers.

Must try:  Belgian Chocolate Ganache, Vegan and gluten-free cakes

Contact:  +971-4-357-9333

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SugarMoo Cake Shop

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Each of the sweet treats has a texture and flavor story that will tell your taste buds. SugarMoo is a restaurant that offers various specialty shops with delivery in Al Barsha 1, Al Barsha 2, and Al Barsha 3.

Their best-selling dishes are Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Cookies, Baby Squeezed Lemon and Raspberry Cake, Naked Strawberry Shortcake, and White Velvet Cake. They have a variety of options such as Cookies, New Baby Cake Items, and Cakes. SugarMoo’s red velvet oreo cake has won multiple awards at the Dubai Food Festival and is a special treat! This patisserie is accessible from Dubai mall and three locations in the UAE.

SugarMoo is one of the coolest bakeries that creates some of the best cakes in Dubai using the highest quality ingredients. It is the first online sweet and pastry delivery business. It claims to get to your door in 90 minutes or less.

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Must-Try: Oreo Cheesecake, Nutella Brownie, Red Velvet Oreo Cake, Cake pop



Magnolia Bakery

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The fresh aroma of classic American cakes, vintage decor, and a warm, inviting atmosphere come together in a small bakery called Magnolia.

Amongst the modern bakerys, this bakery is known for kicking off today’s cake craze with its signature pastel-colored cream-frosted versions. This patisserie was awarded the “Francissor of the Year 2018” award. German chocolate cakes are often called the best chocolate cake in Dubai.

The other flavor is regular chocolate cake, which is said to be richly moist, with its smooth velvety, and dark chocolate flavor making your visitors curious about its ever-changing ideas and designs that bring the element of wow to almost any party. Besides, the patisserie is famous for its cheesecakes and carrot cakes.

Must-Try: German chocolate cake, Carrot Cake, Banana puddings


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Hummingbird’s world-famous rainbow cake makes it one of the glamorous bakeries in Dubai. They believe in using quality materials and take pride in not using preservatives. The multicolored wonder of the moist sponge layers on the rainbow cake and the lightly whipped white cream are beyond words. This cake is really beautiful on the inside. It has a wide variety of sponge cakes with lip-smacking flavors.

Hummingbird Bakery is also famous for being “the best chocolate cake in Dubai”. Chocolate brownies with moist chocolate sponge layers are frosted with your choice of vanilla or chocolate frosting. Hummingbird Bakery in Dubai shares some of the sweetest moments of sweetness and can give you the true essence of the cake world. You can find some of the best birthday cakes to celebrate a memorable day!

Must-Try:  Cheesecakes, whoopie pies, rainbow cake


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Bakemart Gourmet

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Bakemart has channeled its 30 years of expertise in the bakery industry to align it with the best in the world. They take pride in innovation and have developed several new offerings, notably their signature Mango Mousse Cake, which is a customer favorite.

Bakemart has channeled its 30 years of expertise in the bakery industry to align it with the best in the world. They take pride in innovation and have developed several new offerings, notably their signature Mango Mousse Cake, which is one of the favorite cakes among customers.

Must try: Mango cake, honey tiramisu cake

Contact: +9713296249

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Discover delicious, rich, and acrid charms with lip cakes at Dubai’s best bakeries. You should definitely visit Dubai and take a tour of the best Dubai cake shops.