It’s a matter of joy to have children in the house, but it is also a matter of extreme caution. While accidents are common in every household, it is best to be safeguarded at all times to avoid anything fatal. With Amazon Baby Week, you get the best offers on these safety tools. This may be a limited offer, but with voucher codes, you get even more discounts.

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Top 10 safety tools for your baby

Children up to the age of 5 are always wondering about, curious to discover new things. Supervision is the key to safety and as parents, we need to ensure to create a safe environment for their growth.From bed rails to sockets cover, we bring you the 10 best safety tools available on Amazon.

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1. Baby Monitor 

Phillips AVENT DECT baby monitor product image

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A baby monitor or baby alarm is basically a radio system used to listen to your baby’s sounds and movements. It is important to ensure your baby’s safety besides his/her well-being. While baby monitors come in different varieties, we recommend Phillips AVENT DECT baby monitor which gives you the liberty to multitask and relax with a clear sound range of up to 300m.


  • 5 sound-activated led lights to show sound level and comfort nightlight weighing 2.71 kg.
  • The DECT technology guarantees zero interference-free connection
  • ECO mode for efficient use of energy. The smart ECO mode gives you better battery life by minimizing transmission power with its superior features and performance.
  • Thanks to data encryption capability, it gives you a private and secure connection. The Phillip A DECT runs on two 2 AA batteries which last around 24 hours without the need to be plugged in. Its indoor range is up to 50m and will automatically alert when out of range or running out of batteries.

Amazon Baby week special price: AED 216.74

Safety Gate

Amazon Baby week

The safety gate Hauck Open’n Stop is the most needed safety barrier for a toddler’s whereabouts at home. Extendable to 123 cm, the gate is an easy fixable set that can be erected between walls and doorways. Drilling will not be necessary, only adjustable screws are needed. The SGS-certified gate boasts two folding mechanisms and a one-handed lock for double safety.

Baby week special price: AED 155

Bed Rail

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Tomy’s Universal Bed Rail has special hinges which make it easier to assemble and can be used in both divan and slatted beds. The best feature of this bed rail is the childproof lock releases which give extra security. The fold-down panel of this bed rail gives way to a white mesh panel ensuring that your child does not get hurt when he/she accidentally bumps into it at night. Added to that, it can be folded flat for better storage and portability. It can easily fit into mattresses of any shape and size.

Available in: AED 222.31

Portable Soother

Amazon Baby week

You don’t have to shy away from the fact that sometimes it’s wise to get extra help. When babies get cranky, you can rely on Vtech Safe and Sound Portable Soother, which helps to lull your baby anytime and anywhere. It includes features like a soft glowing night light, 5 calming melodies, 5 nature sounds, an auto-off timer, rechargeable batteries, and even a voice recorder.

Baby week special price: AED 299

Power Socket Cover

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Electrical plug points are danger zones and you do your best to keep children away from sockets. But what if you are not at home or you are looking the other way? Hauck’s power socket cover is easy to install and gives full coverage safety. Taking the cover out is just as easy as covering springs back when you pull it out.

Baby week special price: AED 65

Clear Corner Protector

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Babies getting little bumps here and aren’t anything uncommon. But we need to be extra cautious about it to avoid extreme accidents. Corner protectors are one such smart tools to ensure that sharp edges of the furniture are a major concern to parents. The protectors can be inserted on the edges of coffee tables or anything sharp. The transparent and rectangular design fits perfectly and does not compromise your home’s aesthetics.

Baby week special price: AED 32

Adhesive Mag Lock Key

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Keep your drawers and closets safe from inquisitive hands. The Mag Lock Key works with a heavy-duty lock which only operates with a powerful magnetic key. It can be used for any type of closet and can be easily installed. The disengaging feature allows the lock to be deactivated and can be hidden inside the cabinet, which can be opened only with the Dreambaby Adhesive Mag Lock Key.

Baby week special price: AED 95

Non-Slip Paw


Pixie’s Non-Slip Paw can be used in the kitchen, stairs, and bathroom to prevent unnecessary slips and falls. Especially in a household of babies and elderlies, the non-slip paw guarantees much-needed safety. It is waterproof, decorative, and heat resistant and comes with strong adhesion.

Baby week special price: AED 24.74 (for a pack of 5)

Polyethylene Corner Strip

Pixie slip paw product image

Corner strips are polythene material used on walls and on the sidelines of a table or furniture. Its finishing colors are white with the dimension of 2m X 3.5 cm, only weighing 50g. The strip is very handy and only prioritizes a child’s safety.

Baby week special price: AED 16.04

Door Support

Home Pro Home Ad+ Baby Safety Eva Door Stopper 2-Pieces Set, AED: 4.74

Home Pro Home Ad is the soft support for the door. It helps keep the door stay open in order to avoid any damage. The soft surface protects the parquet and laminates the floors. It can ideally be used on glass doors, wooden doors, and even window panes. The box contains 2 pieces and the product is shatterproof.

Amazon Baby week special price: AED 14