AliExpress is a popular online store owned by Alibaba. It was launched in 2010 as an online business-to-consumer platform where Chinese retailers can sell their products to foreign clients. Moreover, the brand is known for its cheap pricing and assured delivery. Here’s all you need to know about AliExpress cash on delivery services and more.

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Does AliExpress provide cash on delivery in UAE?

AliExpress Cash on Delivery

The cash on delivery option is currently not available in the UAE. However, there are other payment options which you can consider while shopping such as the following:

  • Visa or MasterCard
  • PayPal (the seller can only use PayPal once he activates a Paypal account for his/her store.)
  • Bank transfer or through Western Union
  • Payment getaways like WebMoney or AliPay

Is it safe to pay on AliExpress?

Yes, AliExpress is a safe place to shop from if you are looking for cheaper things. Also, AliExpress’s Buyer Protection System protects all payments made on the company’s site. Furthermore, your payment is only released to the seller after you receive & confirm satisfactory delivery of your purchases.

What is the best payment option in AliExpress?

PayPal is the best possible payment option because most of us who make a lot of international purchases have a PayPal account. However, the only drawback is PayPal is not acceptable for all orders. For you to pay via PayPal the seller needs to activate his PayPal account for the store. Anyway, there are other payment options that you can look into if PayPal is not available. Want to learn about Alidropship? Check out the article


Aliexpress Shipping

The shipping service is of two types: Standard and Premium. Both services have a different price point and delivery time, which is crucial to both an individual customer or a business selling on the platform.

AliExpress Standard Shipping:

  • Estimate Delivery Time: 15 to 45 working days
  • Shipping Cost: Compared to other shipping options, standard shipping is one of the cheapest options you get. The price is approximately $1 to $3, or actually free. The suppliers fo the tracking and shipping for free, in most cases.

AliExpress Premium Shipping: 

  • Estimate Delivery Time: 7 to 15 working days
  • Shipping Cost: Depends upon your location


Aliexpress shipping

AliExpress does not own any shipping services of its own. That is, they do not have their own commercial airplanes or ships to deliver packages to international locations. They are partnered with numerous shipping companies, all around the globe. Such as DHL, FedEx, e-packet, direct link, Singapore Post to name a few. If you are ordering international shipping, your shipment might also incur customs duties.

Here an insider view on the AliExpress Shipping Process:

  • First, you click on buy and check out! Your product will be searched and packed in the warehouse by an employee.
  • Whichever shipping partner is the most convenient for your delivery is chosen.
  • The shipping partner picks up the package and ships it accordingly.
  • If international, the package is delivered to the AliExpress warehouse of the destination country.
  • Then, your package will be delivered right to the doorstep of your house.


Girl browsing on a tablet

There is a packing tracking system for the AliExpress Standard Shipping option.

  • Go to the AliExpress Website, log in with your account.
  • Check your order status by entering the tracking number

Con: All shipments do not have a tracking number hence, you can only check the order status. For business, this may cause problems, hence you need to show them the shipping status via screenshot.

You can check the status with the tracking number from AliExpress at tracking websites such as Global Cainiao or 17TRACK.


Your every purchase is eligible for a racking number according to the kind of shipping method you choose. Find your tracking number with the following steps before placing the order:

  • Click on a product of your liking
  • Check out the shipping options
  • A page will appear that will show you if a tracking number is available.