“Your gift, their pick!” That is exactly what the whole gifting experience is about. What if we told you, you could find every gift card in one place? al giftcards are the ultimate gifting destination for you to try on for yourself and your loved ones.

The first electronic gift card or online gift card was released by Blockbuster in 1994. Right now, every single major online store introduces new e-gift card options every day. The whole concept and ideas have gained major popularity and acceptance. Why is it so popular and why should you use e-gift card sites like al giftcards? Those are the questions we are happy to answer.

The perfect time to give gift cards: why and which?

gift cards online

Keep aside the obvious fact that it is easy and convenient, there are various reasons to opt for e-gift cards rather than material gifts.

1. Helps you save

You may not be on a great budget and it’s okay. Gifts are supposed to be a form of love and gratitude towards your loved ones. The price doesn’t matter. You can save a little more when you opt for discounts and deals on gift cards. E-Giftcards sites always have hot offers and deals you can choose from.

2. You can always be within budget

We all know the feeling when we see something that would be just “perfect” but is a little bit out of the budget. With gift cards, there will be no issues. For example, on al gift cards, when you opt for Lifestyle store giftcards, you will get a designated price range. You can get AED 50, AED 100, and AED 150 priced gift cards to choose from.

Think of the gift cards as having some cash in hand for a specific store and just using it when they really need it just want it.

3. Picking for themselves

Flexibility and options are the best part of gift cards. Hey, you don’t have to worry about them not liking your gift anymore! Plus, they can get what they actually want instead of awkwardly accepting it.

Some say that cash is more flexible and yes, we do agree that in some cases, it is helpful. But it can rub off in a weird way and obviously, the gifting experience is slightly ruined as well.

4. Being considerate

You gifting your loved ones, something they haven’t tried before is acceptable. As a new style of clothing or certain devices, counts as an experience. While the recipient may accept it, you need to understand that there are times, you may not match the aesthetic or their liking. If they are happy and comfortable, that’s what you should aim for.

You can choose to be more considerate and personal with them. With al giftcards, you get access to high brands stores as well as the most trusted online retail stores. Get them a gift card to their favorite store. Online gift cards do not have to be impersonal.

The flexibility of cash and personalization for the specific person combines to give you the perfect gift. It’s magic! You can be considerate and practical at the same time.

5. Easy to gift!

If you live far away, then no postal charges, quick service, and obviously, no damages to your gifts. If you live nearby, no wrapping paper and you don’t have to worry whether they liked the gift. Imagine hiding from your friends and families for days when they don’t like your gift… Oh, the horror. Just kidding, they love you, but they might not.

One thing that we can be sure to tell you is, nobody has not like a gift card. You can get it printed and slip it into an envelope. If you’re too busy (or lazy), you can just.. send through an email.

If you feel it still feels impersonal, add a personal touch, and be as cheesy as you want with a handwritten note.

6. Giftcards, why right now?

The world is going through a phase where we haven’t seen our loved ones, hugged them, or even shook their hands. Not to mention, we don’t know how long, it will carry on for.

You feel compelled to make sure that they are safe and healthy, even if you can’t meet them. E-Giftcards provides safe and fast service in these times. You can be assured that they will buy what they need in these desperate times. After all, gifting is about making them happy in the end!

7. Why to choose al giftcards?

Not just giftcards, but al giftcards. Yes, we believe that al gift cards can be the right provider of gift cards and e-gift cards for you! Why do you ask? It because it is an instant and flexible e-giftcards site.

You can choose over 100+ brands across leading retail stores and e-commerce websites. The freedom, yes, we like that.

The best part? al giftcards are delivered via email to the recipient, so, there’s no way you can lose them. You can keep it safe and sound on al giftcards app.

Online gift cards – great gift idea for every occasion

If you’re thinking about what exactly can you get on al giftcards, you are in for a ride. al giftcards offers gift cards as well as e-gift cards for top fashion, lifestyle, and grocery retail stores as well as their e-commerce portals. They have 100+ leading brands like noon, Steve Madden, Centrepoint, Splash, Max, Lifestyle, Babyshop, and many more. Are you excited? Cause we are!

Honestly, you shouldn’t sleep on this huge advantage e-gift cards brings to the gifting experience. You can choose to give thoughtful gifts for festivals Eid for instance or personalized zodiac birthday gifts to your loved ones. The best part, they are going to love it!